I have beeen changed forever!!! By Towmond!!!!

Am I the only person who is already so overwhelmed by the Korean 10 step routines? And it seems like brands are churning more and more products and the 10 step routines are quickly turning into 20 step routines. People think I do something like that because I'm a blogger, but in reality, my routine has never even reached 10 steps as far as I can remember. I use makeup remover, facial wash, astringent, conditioner, essence, emulsion, and cream when I'm doing the maximum, and those are just 7 steps! Usually I don't have makeup on so I don't need to use makeup remover. And sometimes I skip to cream after skin conditioner when I feel lazy or when it's just waay too hot I don't see the point in doing essence and emulsion. 

This is why I was so excited when I started using my Towmond skincare set that was sent by Charis. Towmond believes in making fresh skincare monthly for the welfare of the customers. But more importantly, it simplifies and summarizes skincare so that it's understandable to most consumers and actually feasible to be habit forming. The problem I see with these brands churning out skincare ranges with more and more steps is that they are making it harder and harder for consumers to follow. As it is, most girls find it very hard to commit themselves to using cream every night. And I know of plenty of people who sleep with makeup on and forget to use anything most of the time. So more and more steps just means the likelihood of the person forgetting to use the skincare or not having the motivation/energy to use the products is higher and higher. 

This is just 3 steps-- toner spray, emulsion, and face and eye cream. And it simplified my life so much because after each bath I'd just go to the box. I didn't need to think about what emulsion I'd use for the day, or if I had done all the steps (as my creams are stored in a different place as my other skincare products). I literally just had to open the box, use the products, and not think about anything else anymore. 

The decluttering it did was life changing. 

The cute part is that the products have the month of use on them! This is the April batch, as in this batch was intended to be used in April. Thus far, after using this brand exclusively for 2 weeks, I used less than 1/3 of the set, so I guess this'll be a recommendation? I think this can last 2 months even if I'm not trying to control my product usage.

The packaging is so simple and straightforward. No frills, just potent skincare.

This is the toner. This is a 90mL spray, and I love how this can be brought in for air travel due to the small size.

It's a very light and fresh mist. The best part is that it doesn't sting the eyes!!! It doesn't!!! I love how I do not have to scramble for a cotton ball or cotton pad every night because I just have to spray this on. The spray format also means I get to use product efficiently as I get to spray it over a wide range thinly and evenly, as compared to if I were to use a cotton ball. 

The next part is the real fresh emulsion. Unlike the toner, this and the cream are both 50mL. This comes in a convenient pump bottle.

This has a runny, lightweight texture. It's fluffier but runnier than the usual emulsion formula. It gets easily absorbed because it's not as heavy as the usual. 

This can only be seen as a sheen here because I used quite a lot for illustrative purposes. In real life, it gets absorbed really really fast.

And the cream is in tube form. Instead of a thick cream, this instead is a runny and emollient emulsion like product. But what I noticed is that this product in specific is indeed the closing step because when you apply this, it feels like there's this moisture barrier on your skin. Your skin'll be a little slippery for a few minutes when you have this freshly applied. But it'll absorb quickly, too, and you'll forget about it soon enough. 

I like the tube format because it's more hygienic than the usual jar format. I like how this is a face and eye cream in one product, so they really have a complete skincare routine compresssed into three easy steps.

The packaging it comes in is simple and clean. Powder blue boxes with the products in foam holders. No frills, no unnecessary decors. Just pure goodness. The box is more or less as big as half an A4 sheet in real life, so it's also suuuuper travel friendly as it's so compact. Add to that that it's sturdy and will most likely fare well in a suitcase.

And the best part is that since all of these products are relatively small in size and since they're just 3 items, you won't need to transfer like crazy to smaller containers anymore! The packaging is sturdy so you can afford to bring this as is. I just love how one brand can remove all the clutter and hassle associated with skincare.

I genuinely see this as a very realistically feasible routine for most women, because let's face it, we're all busy all the time. Being a blogger somehow means I know too much about the perils of not using skincare so I use skincare religiously, but I'm as busy as any other woman, and I can relate to how mind boggling it is at times to keep track of using so many products.

And of course, I'm gonna talk about my experiences now. I used this product line exclusively for 2 weeks to see how it performs by itself as one system. The key point I am so thankful for is that this product line did not exacerbate the state of some very big pimples I had when I started using this range. 

I decided to take informal selfies every few days or so with more or less natural light and with no filter or photoshop whatsoever.

Day 1
I had a very big pimple right smack on my nose not too long ago, that's why it's got a bright pink scar. I also have a small pimple near the right corner of my eye, and a big one near the side side of my cheek (this one was still painful at this time). 

Day 5 
Now that I am writing this, I am in awe that the scar on the middle of my nose is fading! And in just 5 days!!! (for me it usually takes weeks) To add, the pimple on the side of my nose has flattened instead of becoming worse. It was healing well, to my surprise. I usually have a problem with super moisturizing Korean skincare when I have pimples because the pimples usually become worse. But with this range, it's shrinking, and if I may say, a little bit faster than the usual. The pimple near the corner of my eye is gone and is slowly drying up and fading. 

At this point, I was already seeing the effects of the range in the sense that the Real Fresh promise is true. Skin is bouncy, supple, and velvety smooth, but not oily. I usually wake up with very oily skin when I use Korean products. With this one, I wake up with just perfectly moist skin without a heavy oily feeling. 

Day 7
The pimple near the right side of my eye has vanished altogether, and the scar of the pimple on the side of my nose is slowly starting to fade. It's no longer painful at this point and has completely "died."The scar on the middle of my nose is barely visible at this point, even in real life. 

Day 14
The scar on the middle of my nose is gone! The scar on the side of my nose is barely visible in real life. In real life, my pores are barely visible. 

There is a wow factor now because I feel like it gives such a nice glow and aura. I have received so many compliments from friends in the past 2 weeks so I think that this really does work and it's not just psychological. 

The nice part when I wear makeup is that the tiny whiteheads and blemishes no longer appear, even after many hours wearing makeup. Even when I wear highlighter, I can no longer see the blemishes magnified because it has been managed so well by this skincare range. 

Overall, I reaaally love this range so much because it works soooo well, as if I'm using 7-10 products, even when I'm just using 3 products! It's craaazyyyy. And this is so travel friendly, easy to adhere to (as a routine), and removes the clutter off of skincare altogether. This is also great for those who are looking for gentle and unscented products. I want to stick to this forever actually. 

Okaaaay so the hard part is I don't think there is any direct supply chain to the Philippines yet. Their website is www.towmond.com but I'm not too sure as to how this can be ordered. I also don't know the exact price. But I'll come back here if I find more information. 

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