In yet another episode of backlogs that got stuck for an eternity, today's review is all about CanMake Eye Nuance! CanMake has been popular for ages as the go-to brand for practical, multipurpose products. The products are practical coz they usually combine several shades of blush or eyeshadow in one reaaally small palette or quad, making the items very portable and easy to fit into pouches. Japanese girls usually have small and cute makeup pouches, so really bulky items aren't really gonna sell well...

Shade Selection: As y'all have seen, each pan comes with three shades, usually of monochromatic nature. I totally loved the concept as you usually got to be able to create a full look for your eyes (though a simple look) with just one pan. There used to be tons of shades these in all CanMake shelves, but I dunno why they seem to have drastically reduced the shade offerings.

Color Payoff and Pigmentation: The eyeshadows cling on quite nicely in just one swipe. But as with other Japanese eyeshadows, these are satiny and have a sort of translucent look, not unless you pile on a lot. These are mostly pearly and glittery so the color is seen quite easily with little effort.

Texture: The texture is wispy and satiny. These blend quite easily, although, as with other Japanese eyeshadows, the color does tend to get washed out quite a lot during blending. But as far as texture is concerned, even without a brush, it's fairly easy to get this to look buffed and blended. These are not to be compared with the really heavy and buttery eyeshadows we mostly see in the US market.

Longevity: I have worn the trio many times for whole day affairs, especially during our travels, and thus far this stays on nicely all day. Especially if you prime your lids with eyeshadow primer, concealer, or NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil.

Value For Money: Each one is Php689 at YesStyle as per my last check. It may sound expensive upfront, but in hindsight, you already have 3 eyeshadows at once. To add, the size may seem small, but realistically, I have not even hit the pan on any CanMake eyeshadow I have owned, despite using them quite extensively.

Overall Feedback: This is one of my HG products for travel. I love how one small pan can already house three neutral eyeshadows which I can mix and match depending on the day's activities. I love how this is really compact and can easily be stuffed onto any pouch or bag. It may not be as buttery as I wish it'd be, like many of the eyeshadows from the US, but we all know how bulky US eyeshadow palettes can get. So for fuss free packing for travels, this is the best.

Okay now that's done, here are the other photos! 
This is the back portion. 

And other photos of the pan... 

And here are the ~ancient~ swatches.... Sorry for the blurriness!!! 

I usually like to use my Sigma E40 brush to get the brown shadow and blend it onto my crease line. Any fluffy eye brush can help do the trick. 
Applying CanMake Eye Nuance (C429-24) Eyeshadow Trio

I usually just like to follow the hollows of my eyelid and get a buffed and rounded application. 
Applying CanMake Eye Nuance (C429-24) Eyeshadow Trio

Usually, I don't use a brush with the pearly white shade anymore. 
Applying CanMake Eye Nuance (C429-24) Eyeshadow Trio

I usually just pat it on in order to have the color appear more opaquely. 
Applying CanMake Eye Nuance (C429-24) Eyeshadow Trio

And as I've said, it gets a look done, even just a simple look! Coz realistically, no one really has the time to apply one whole palette of eyeshadows in the morning, right?
Applying CanMake Eye Nuance (C429-24) Eyeshadow Trio

And this is how the zoom in looks like. 
CanMake Eye Nuance (C429-24) Eyeshadow Zoom

CanMake Eye Nuance (C429-24) Eyeshadow Zoom

A very practical find, indeed! 

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