We're officially 10 days away from Christmas, so officially, it's crunch time! 

For sure, whether it's at school or at work, everyone's schedules are already filled with Christmas parties and year end get togethers. It's of course a time of anxiety for many as there is still so much gift giving to do. Thinking of the right present for someone is always so hard, and it always drains one's energy. Thankfully, Bioré has a lot of items which I think will be universally liked. I mean, hey, we all need to remove our makeup, and we need to deeply cleanse our skin every single day. A good cleanser is always a good gift idea! 

So there are of course many ways to achieve clear skin. One is of course through religiously cleansing one's skin and getting rid of all makeup residue at the end of each day. Bioré's Micellar Cleansing Water is a universally lovable gift because it gets rid of light to medium makeup in a gentle way. This is the 300mL bottle, but there is also a 90mL bottle if you want your friends to have something lighter for travel. The water used to make this is from Japanese alps, so if you ave a friend who is obsessed with Japan, or misses Japan, this might be a practical way to let them have a piece of Japan (instead of giving mugs!)...

For the friend who is obsessed with wipes, you can definitely get them Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets! This is perfect for the people who usually are on the go, as there is also a smaller version of this (with just 10 sheets each). Not everyone is prolly gonna have cotton on hand, so it takes less effort to bring this around as it's already the wipe and the cleanser at the same time. This is also less messy as it's already in wipe format, so this is a great gift for the friend who is always on the go, or is always stuck in traffic. 

For the friend who is into intense makeup looks, more so that the holidays are approaching, Bioré Cleansing Oil (also known in some places as Bioré Perfect Oil) is the only choice! This dry oil is one of the best in removing stubborn makeup, and is also hydrating on the skin. It doesn't feel heavy nor gunky, but is really able to do a good job in dissolving tough chunks of mascara and eyeliner and eyelash glue. I love this a lot, and though this requires facial wash afterwards, it works so well that I don't mind. Coz like I super hate it whenever I use an oil to remove my makeup, then see it all smudge up, and then use facial wash only to discover afterwards that there was still makeup left. If you are the kind of person (hehe why not gift this to yourself too), or if your recipient is the kind of person who wants to get eeeeeverrryyything off in one try, this is definitely the one. 

For your friend who's been dreaming about a white Christmas, or if you got the theme for Kris Kringle, Bioré Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash is the perfect choice! And it's also very practical. I have never received a Kris Kringle gift that wasn't some sort of a prank, so if I were to do it now, I'd give nice and practical things like these. Japanese people believe that foam cleansers have tiny tiny bubbles, and as such the bubbles are better able to penetrate the pores and cleanse them. This is why they are obsessed with whipped foams. For a gentle but deep cleanse, this is definitely the cleanser to get. 

I'm also so stressed out for the holidays, so I know how it feels! If you need a good cleanser, or if you need a last minute gift that's practical and good, then these items from Bioré might help! 

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