EB Advance just keeps on getting better and better. 

True to the brand name, advance sila mag-isip! The good thing about the Ever Bilena group is that they are able to focus on makeup staples via the Ever Bilena brand, youthful shades and selections via the Careline brand, and more sophisticated and pro selections via the EB Advance brand. 

These days, the drunk blush look is all the rage. People are also obsessed with wine, burgundy, and amber eyeshadow shades. These two trends weren't really there before, so I find it fitting for EB Advance to be releasing items as responses to these trends. Lip tints are also dominating the beauty market for the natural effect these bring to consumers, so I'm also glad EB Advance is exploring tints further. 

First off, when it comes to fans of the drunk blush look, they now have their EB Advance Face Trio palettes!

For those who want a bronzed, sun goddess look, they have their Sunset Trio Face Palette (Php275). This features warm shades all throughout. The nice thing about the blush here is that it's like peachy brown, not just peach alone, so this is bound to look flattering even on deeper skintones. The contour powder comes with a warm undertone as well, so I think this will work well as a bronzer. Probably not for nose contouring as it's too warm, but this'll work wonders as eyeshadow as it's deep and matte. The highlighter is a lovely champagne shade. 

For those who are obsessed with everything Fig that they have released so far, they now have a Fig Trio Face Palette (Php275), too! This comes with a light gold (light as in it's golden but not intensely golden) highlight shade. The Fig blush is a deep warm mauve, which I think will look flattering on a lot of skintones. There are so many people who waited for their Fig blush to be restocked due to high public demand, so I like how they have incorporated this popular blush into a value set palette. The contour is more sienna in tone, and is cooler than the contour powder in the Sunset Trio Face Palette. 

The other cool thing is they have released four new theme-focused eyeshadow palettes! Recently, the focus has been on their Uncover and Uncover 2 palettes. While for Ever Bilena, there's their Pink Palette and their Brown Palette. This time around, they created these themed Eyeconic 6-Eyeshadow Palettes!

This is their Minimalist Eyeconic 6-Eyeshadow Palette (Php175). As the title implies, the shades are all matte, and the spectrum is a bit wide as it features a yellowish cream shade, a warm brown shade, deep browns, and a matte gray. This palette is a must-have for beginners as all the shades here will work well as transition shades. Or these will already stand alone well for many basic eyeshadow looks. 

The Mixed Metals Eyeconic 6-Eyeshadow Palette (Php175) is all about a warm color scheme. This features 3 matte burgundy shades, and 3 metallic shades in bronze and burgundy tones. This is perfect for all the Instagram inspired eyeshadow looks, as people are going more and more for warm shades these days. This reminds me a lot of Urban Decay Naked Heat and Morphe 35O palette.

For those who want a palette that's more wearable and cooler in undertone, there's their Jackpot Eyeconic 6-Eyeshadow Palette (Php175)This palette features matte shades in cream, light peach, and grey black. And then for shimmery shades there's a champagne shade, a yellowish brown shade, and a chocolate shade. I see this working very well for working women, as the shades are usually all the shades that will look flattering for work. The shades are also at the right intensity for beginners, as shades that are too deep might end up being overdramatic if the user does not take care to blend and buff. 

I'm personally so obsessed over their Black Tie Eyeconic 6-Eyeshadow Palette (Php175). This has two chocolate matte shades, and a deep rose brown metallic shade on one side. While on the other side, there's a shimmery silver, and two shimmery gray shades. This might not be the easiest palette to pull off, but to the skilled user, the browns would work excellently on the crease and transition, and the grey shades would work so well on the lid area. The silver shade will work excellently as tear duct shimmer. As the palette name implies, this is the go-to eyeshadow set for high profile events and the like. 

The nice thing is that when the lids are closed, the palettes are quite compact and will be easy to bring around. I like how they managed to add in mirrors to these palettes despite these palettes already being small and compact. And applicators, too! I really appreciate that. Historically, I have reviewed so many palettes wherein I was so disappointed that the manufacturers did not include mirrors and applicators. I have seen sooo many more 'spacious' palettes and yet the manufacturer did not make the effort to add in a mirror. I like how they not only make something that's chic, but also something that's functional and practical to own. 

And their Lip and Cheek Stain (Php165) family is growing!!! Back then it was just Perfect Plum and Very Red. Now they have added in Tipsy and Fresh Fig. Not pictured are Uptown Red, Night Berry, and Toast of New York, which are also newer shades. I personally like this kind of packaging over their tints in roller ball packaging as I find this more hygienic. I also prefer being able to squeeze out the product and slowly build up the color instead of applying the product directly on my lips and cheeks. 

Sooo excited for the new releases! I know they're also coming up with clay blush sticks, so I'm excited for those, too. 

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