The latest celeb makeup launch! Sarah G is one tough cookie, having lasted in the industry this long. I have liked her from the start, especially because as an amateur singer, I would always cover her songs and use her songs in contests. But I started to have a profound appreciation for her when she broke down onstage in extreme burnout, because I felt that she represented the youth so clearly in that moment. I'm glad that she has moved on from that episode of burnout (I think she has!) and has gone on to do something new in her career. It was an exciting day for POPsters as she officially launched her POP Studio makeup range.

New Frontier Theater was jam packed with fans, even if it was a rainy Friday night. Fans were thrilled to try out the makeup, and of course, to buy and take home the items that delighted them. 

The lovely hosts for the event! 

It really took POPsters to a test of patience as there were many front acts from other VIVA artists ahihihi. Really great performances, if you ask me, but it took many song numbers before the POP Princess came out. 

Acoustic crooner Marion Aunor serenaded the crowd. 

Via Ortega promoted her latest single. 

A high energy production number from P-Pop generation. They have a lot of potential online, so I wish there were more legit MV's made for them! 

An unforgettable performance from After 5. I was blown away by their performance, and I really think they are the next big thing. They sing so well, dance so well, and have an intense stage presence. I wish they did shows nearer to my house so I can watch them often!

J-Queen also had a high intensity performance. I'm not sure if these Japanese beauties plan to stay for good in the Philippines or are just promoting here on a temporary basis.

Another unforgettable performance from Nitro. I think VIVA is already getting the hang of adapting best practices from K-Pop training system, and it shows with their performance. They are able to have high intensity dancing and have stable vocals at the same time.

And last but not the least, a performance from songbird Janine Teñoso. 

And finally, The POP Princess herself! Fans could not help but bring out their phones and to film Sarah G's performance of 'Duyan.'

Sarah shared how excited she was to have her own makeup line, and how thankful she was to have received immense support from VIVA executives when she expressed her desires to do so. Having been in the industry for such a long time, makeup has been an integral part of her career. We also know how Sarah is sweet in real life, but can have a very fierce onstage persona, so it takes artful makeup techniques to transform her to what the situation asks of her.

Sarah worked extensively on the shade selection and formulation, and made sure that the items were affordable for her fans. To add, a lot of the products are dual purpose, or have two products in one item, to make things efficient price-wise and space-wise. The pressed items also have notes on them, which makes it a cute touch from a world famous singer like Sarah G. Her vision was to have a makeup line that worked for working women, so the goal was to have this makeup line that had practicality and functionality in mind.

There was also a short segment to acknowledge that Sarah G is the new Shopee girl. Sarah, I think, is the perfect embodiment of the young Filipino of the modern era, so it was a fitting decision to have her onboard the Shopee family. For those who wish to shop her makeup brand, it's now available on Shopee.

I was hoping deep inside that she would sing 'Kilometro', but usually she sings that song when she has backup dancers, so I knew she wasn't gonna go for that song when no backup dancers came out. She sang 'Tala,' which the audience (myself included) thoroughly enjoyed. Gosh it's really so breathtaking when she sings live! I've seen Sarah on TV countless times, and listened to her on Spotify, but there's something really magical when it's live.

And wee a selfie with Andie, Martha, and Bing!!

I know my skin looks so dry because the days prior to this, we lost our closest family friend. I was crying a lot and basically out of orbit. There were actually a lot of times during the concert when I'd almost cry, especially when the songs were emo... 

And wee a photo with Kenny... 

 And Raf! 

POP Studio can be purchased at Lazada and Shopee, as well as leading department stores. 

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