There are already so many e-commerce platforms, and brands are increasingly investing in their own e-commerce infrastructures. BeautyMNL has survived all this time, I think, mainly because of three factors. One, they have an infinite amount of items for sale. Two, they work with brands directly and therefore sell authentic items. Three, the operations are managed really smoothly. 

I think anyone who has been to BeautyMNL has not managed to leave the website without buying anything as they really have anything and everything beauty-related. No woman is spared from a sudden shopping spree! 

But what I really think is worth talking about is that they work with brands directly. Most other online retailers work with both brands and private sellers, and usually, that's what makes it difficult. Private sellers can sell unverified, unapproved, or inauthentic items, and then the burden is on the consumer to fish out which is legit from illegitimate. What makes it harder is that private sellers sometimes sell fakes of brands that also have official shops on the same platform! Since BeautyMNL still works directly with brands, the consumer can shop in peace without needing to do so much research, as the only items to appear from a brand are directly from the brand itself. 

The third part about smooth operations is amazing. I remember ordering years back, and it amazingly came the next day after ordering. This time around, it was still the same! I was amazed to get all my items immediately. I also appreciated that the delivery guy called me to coordinate whether someone was at home to receive it.

The other operations thing I wanna praise is how well packed the items are!!! I'm saying this as someone who, by many crazy twists of fate, became a bubble wrapper of beauty products for a Korean company, and later on, a supervisor of packing. Packing seems so easy, but the moment you actually hand someone bubble wrap, they're bound to not wrap the item properly. Most people think that rolling the item is already it, but bubble wrap is not like wrapping paper that can be cleanly folded and compressed. If you try to fold bubble wrap, the bubbles will, of course, pop, and no one wants that. Beauty products are especially sensitive as most are housed in flimsy boxes, so there needs to be proper strategy on wrapping to make sure that no vulnerable edges or surfaces are revealed. It's actually like advanced origami, and it drove me crazy to teach it to people. For me, if I were to grade this as a former packer, this is A+ packing for me! 

Okay let's now talk about the items I got! 

First off is K-Palette's 1 Day Tattoo Semi-Matte Lasting Lip Tint (Php795). This promises to last one whole day, and this is the limited edition rose pink color. I was interested in this because it says that even though it's matte, it's not drying. It also says that it's a skincare lip tint, and it has an oil pack formulation that helps to preserve moisture. I got even more curious after seeing the fine prints on the packaging, as this claims to have a unique penetrating color formulation that goes up to the stratum corneum. 

I've long been fascinated by this palette, but haven't seen any other reputable retailer selling this, so I finally got my Milani Rose Blush Trio Palette (Php799) from BeautyMNL! This palette is just right for me because I have quite a lot of blushes already that I don't need big pans. I prefer having smaller pans but more shades, like in this palette. This palette is 01 Flowers of Love, which features peachy pink shades. There is another palette that's more peachy and a bit deeper. 

My BLK Creamy Cheek Paint in Peach is already HG status and I use it every day for anything and everything, that I also got the other one in Daffodil the other week. And then now I also decided to get BLK Cosmetics Creamy Cheek Paint (Php399) in Strawberry. I am obsessed with this product and really plan to hoard all the shades, albeit slowly. I really like how it stays all day, doesn't cake with powder, and gives a glowy look without looking oily. This is definitely my obsession of 2019. 

I also got another goodie from BLK Cosmetics! The reasoning is much simpler behind this one hahaha. During the brand launch, they sent us home with three shades of their Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick (Php349). I managed to get one other shade from another sale, and then finally, I decided to get this one (in the shade Bold) as this was Php100 off at BeautyMNL. So now, I have all five shades from the initial launch! Yaaaaay. 

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Fine print:
  1. The promo code takes P100 OFF a minimum spend of P1,000 on BeautyMNL.
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