Now, it's crunch time. 

With a lot of Christmas parties and reunions happening from now until next week, we really wanna look our best. Not really for the judgmental aunts, but in general, everyone wants to look good after not seeing friends for so long. I have friends I haven't seen in over a year, and a friend I met lately after not seeing her for over two years!

I recently came from exam season, and as such, my skin has become so dull from so much stress. To be ready for the holidays, I'm so thankful to Olay for sending over their newest (literal) babies! 

Say hello to Olay Natural White's sachet creams. Each sachet is Php45, is resealable, and provides about a week's worth of product. To add, it's so travel-friendly that it'll come in handy for everyone who's either going home for the holidays or holidaying somewhere for Christmas. 

Olay Natural White Tone Up Angel-Glow Cream (Php45 per 7.5mL sachet) is a lightweight dewy cream that can be used as a makeup base. Olay found that lotsa people found it tricky to use K-Beauty dewy products as sometimes, the products can end up looking oily instead of dewy. To give consumers the balance of not oily but dewy skin, they came up with this tone up cream. The goal for this cream is to create something that would not make makeup slip on top of, making it an ideal choice for daytime. 

This, unfortunately, has no SPF so one will still need to use some other base makeup product with SPF or just go ahead and use sunscreen. But the nice part is that it has Niacinamide for all those skin texture problems, and grapefruit and apple extract to make skin glow. This also helps to fade dark spots and give the user natural-looking fairness. 

For those looking for the ingredients, here it is:

The scent is a lot like Rejoice shampoos, with a touch of apple. I really like Rejoice shampoo fragrances, so I like how these creams smell like. This one is lightweight, has a slight whipped feel to it, and sets into this velvety finish once blended in. Some day creams are formulated with powder, making the subsequent makeup cakey, so I like how this is formulated to be velvety.

Olay Natural White Mochi-Mochi Night Cream (Php45 per 7.5mL sachet) works like Korean mask packs, wherein you apply it at night for intense hydration and skin repair while you sleep. The goal is to wake up with the Japanese ideal of Mochi-Mochi skin, or in other words, bouncy and supple skin. Like the angel tone up cream, I like how this is also lightweight. I feel that this'll work well to help young girls form a night skincare habit, as it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and therefore is not uncomfortable to use at night.

This cream also smells like Rejoice shampoos, albeit without the touch of apples. This also has Niacinamide, but is fortified further with Vitamin B5 and White Lily Extract to really hydrate the skin throughout the night. Like the angel cream, this also aims to give natural-looking fairness and to help fade out dark spots. 

The ingredients can be seen here: 

Interestingly, though this is the night cream, this is even runnier and more lightweight than the day cream! It's quick-absorbing, too, so there's no need to worry that the product might end up nourishing your pillow rather than your own skin. This works perfectly with those doing Korean skincare routines, as this is wispy enough to be piled on top of several layers of serum and emulsion. In fact, if I may say, its texture is actually more emulsion-like than cream-like. 

These babies are available at all major beauty retailers and other major Olay retailers, so you're bound to get hold of these anytime you need a skincare boost!

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