Awhile back (last May), I was busy preparing my best friend Denivee's gift bag. Her birthday is on September but I always like to prepare the present early and give it early so that when it's September she has long received her present from me. Usually September is a hectic month for me so I prepare early to avoid mishaps. One of the gifts I got her this year was a magnetic palette I personally put together for her. I bought a cosmetic case from Saizen and used a magnetic sheet we got from National Bookstore to make the palette. Knowing her, she's more of a no frills girl so I just intended to put powder, blush, some hairpins and some safety pins in the palette. This is how it actually looks like. 

I got her a Maybelline powder foundation, and putting it in was a breeze as I had bought a refill pack and I didn't have to pop the product off a case or canister. And there it is. 

Getting the blush out of this palette was the biggest challenge. I had bought two of these, one for me and one for her. The one I got for her broke as I was taking it out. My own blush had already been used several times and would definitely not be a good present for someone. My blush is the one in the photo and you can probably see the shape getting flattened already. 

So to salvage the badly broken blush I immediately bathed the blush pan in a lot of rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol makes it pasty but is at the same time easy to evaporate so the makeup dries up in a few minutes. While it was in a pasty state, I used this rubber stamp I got from the States a year ago to emboss a shape onto the broken blush. I'm thankful that I have a stamp that's of the same size as the blush! I bought this stamp in a set of stamps and I actually didn't pay attention to this one. Helpful after all... 

And of course I got stamping and this is what happened. The results aren't exactly perfect, but at least it's more presentable than giving something with a large gaping crack. And it looks kinda rustic, doesn't it? Like country fair-ish? 

Tell me what you think in the comments :) 

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