Thanks, Maybelline! Well, for one, thank you for making me one of the first few people to try out Maybelline White Superfresh hahaha. And second, thank you for solving one of the biggest problems of humanity with your new product. 

For a lot of people (aka all the citizens of the Philippines), oily skin is always a problem given the climate, and the other problem is when powders just cake and cake as you retouch and retouch throughout the day. By far, the only other powders which I have found that do address these problems are theBalm's Sexy Mama and Ben Nye's Banana Powder, both of which are not affordable choices for most people. This is why I am so excited to share that Maybelline has come up with an affordable solution to our problems. 

To those who have read my intro post to this product, you will have already read by now that what makes this special is the Mineral Perlite in it that comprises the Clean Touch technology. Unlike other powders, this powder absorbs sweat and oil while on your skin without making your skin feel heavy. (do check out my post showing how the Fresh Test works!). The promise is that you can stay fresh for up to 12 hours (or even more if by some miracle you were blessed with perfectly normal skin).

I am very excited about this new packaging they have for this product as it looks so clean and nice. It's not very photogenic (hahaha sorry it's not easy to capture white on white photographers can relate hahaha), but in real life it looks sooooo elegant.  

Maybelline is proud to announce that as far as SPF goes, this is their product with one of the highest SPF's ever at SPF 34, contrary to the usual SPF15-25 they have in most of their other products. They really want people on the go, people doing a lot of daily activities, people who commute, and students in general, to be able to enjoy a reasonable protection from UV rays. 

For the concerned folks, here are the ingredients. 

I was given Nude Beige upon my request. I was asked which shade I wanted, and I asked for the lightest shade and this happened to be it. But well, in general, I can use all Maybelline powders because the shades aren't really far away from each other in the Philippines, but that does not apply to their liquid foundations. 

While as of this posting I have not yet dropped this compact (and of course Lord please guide me to the right path that I never drop this), I do have high hopes on the relatively thicker acrylic packaging. I hope that this will be a little bit more shock proof than its predecessors. 

The nice thing I love about Maybelline in general is that they have a refill culture with the products they sell. Imagine all the waste that would be created if everyone kept on buying new compacts each time huhuhu. Actually, my mom was even happier when I placed the other White Superfresh they gave me (from the Fresh Test kit) in a refill's casing (because the refill pan itself was in my magnetic palette) because she was so happy about how compact it was. On a relevant note, I also saw a girl in school who happily brought out her Maybelline refill and retouched in the restroom. Seeing how small her vanity pouch is, I understand why the refill works better hahaha. 

Just for the blog readers who feel that a post is incomplete without a swatch, here you go. I was actually laughing while doing this because the powder blends into my skintone and I had to apply an absurdly thick amount before I actually got it to look like this for the camera. 

The reason why I am very, very happy about this product is that it addresses the frequent need for touch ups for most people that most powders require, and that it really is able to keep oiliness at bay. 

But well the thing about this powder that makes me even happier is that my skin didn't look cakey even after retouch after retouch. for people with badly oily skin like me, the only surefire way to look fresh all day is to put me in a cold country (yes some of my powders that fail me here in the Philippines work for me well abroad), or the more feasible way, is to constantly retouch and retouch. The bad part about constantly retouching is that the skin also reaches a point when it is already so saturated with oil and powder that it just looks awful. 

Maybelline's White Superfresh powders will be sold for Php299 (though I have no idea how the refills will cost yet). Given its price, the new Mineral Perlite technology that makes it feel light on the face, and how it proved its worth in keeping me fresh all day, it's not hard to understand why this is Holy Grail status. I am excited to try this some other time using wet application to see what happens. But what I am more excited about is for everyone to try this product today. :)

Note: This product was sent to me by the PR team of the company for review, but in no way was I paid, compensated, nor coerced to produce this blog post. I produced this blog post on my own volition and without any tainting of my true opinions about this product. My verdict will always be fair and unbiased.  

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