It's that time of the year again to be #FreeInMySkin! I'm honored to have been once again part of Physiogel's promotional activities to urge women to be free from bad skin and to be free in their skin with Physiogel. 

Just like last year, this year's event was also held at the Makati Shangri-la. This time, though, they rented out a larger ballroom for the event.

As for why this year's event is even grander than last year, is because this year's event is not just about celebrating great skin, but also a night of celebrating the grand reveal of the relaunch of Physiogel's products.
Ballet dancers grace the stage as everyone awaits the big reveal.

And of course, no grand reveal is truly grand without a new ad to come with it. As with last year, they still have Patti Grandidge as their muse. 

What's new this year, is that they now have an official daily use moisturizer cream. Before this, they had AI cream, which was more of a purely medicinal cream. As in it was really nice and emollient, and had no medical active ingredients, but it was reserved for more severe skin conditions. I super appreciate this part because I have dry skin, but I want something I can use for everyday.

Keeping her as their brand ambassador was one of the smartest decisions they could make because seeing her after more than a year of using Physiogel, she's even more radiant than she was last year. It's like she's gained even more confidence of being free in her skin after being spoiled by Physiogel for the second year now.

Even Bianca Valerio, tonight's master of ceremonies, could not help but to gush at how beautiful and glowing Patti is. Her makeup is simple, but it's her beauty that emanates from within.

They also call on the brand managers of Physiogel to give a word about the new range.

This is the product area after the grand reveal. Everyone is so excited to capture their own snapshots of the new product line.

The brand consists of only three main products, but these three products are already enough to keep the skin nourished, hydrated, and free from medical conditions.

As with last year, I take their moisture meter test. Normally, in this meter, 30 or lower is very dry, and as expected my super dry hands end up at 27 something. But thanks to using Physiogel's cream, within a minute, my skin's moisture levels are now at 48.3.

To end the event, they call on their special bloggers to come up onstage to have a toast with everyone.

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