Yesterday was quite a revelation because I never thought that there'd be such a thing as plantcenta now. Back then it was just placenta, and we have become so accustomed to hearing placenta used in all sorts of beauty products. We'd even hear sales pitches that they only source placentas from Europe! 

But well, the whole landscape has changed. It's now illegal to crate products based on human or animal placentas, so instead they now harvest the embryos of plants to create the same rejuvenating effect.

But well, today's event isn't really a product launch event, just more of a PSA event. eRAse plantcenta has been in the business for 23 years now, and for the curious folks out there, the RA stands for retinoic acid. A lot of people really sing praises about how it gets rid of stretch marks, though I haven't tried it yet. 

They held the event at Sugar Cravings café. When I was told of the venue, I thought that they were referring to Cravings. When I was about to go to the event, I googled the place, and this is what came up. When I verified my invite, this is indeed the place.

This restaurant is popular for Php199 dessert all you can promotions.

They have some nachos and some dynamites, but everything else is sweet.

They have all sorts of cakes, truffles, small tarts, and the like. 

But for the event proper, they showcased to us all the products of Jiao Ming corporation, the company behind eRAse. 

eRAse is the core brand of Jiao Ming, and they have a lot of soaps, cleansers, and special oils and emulsions. You can use their products for stretch mark removal, skin elasticity, wrinkle removal, and so many other skin problems. You can call it a miracle ingredient.

They are also going into lotions as of late.

The more recent brand of Jiao Ming corporation is their UK collections makeup brand. So far, the brand has three lipsticks and a two way cake under its belt. When we were there, we had a lot of suggestions for possible new products because we were certain that a lot of people would be interested in this brand. Their lipsticks' colors are suited to Pinay skintones, so are their two way cakes.  

They have a pink, red, and coral lipstick, which go on with a sheer effect. There is some microshimmer in them. I think you can liken this to Lancôme's lipsticks that they go on slightly sheer and have microshimmer. But these ones are a bit thicker and more emollient than Lancôme's.

They are also now venturing into fragrances. I took home the apple struddle one in this photo because it smells sooooo goood. I just love it. I smelled like apple pie (no this is not the typical apple hand soap fragrance this is a more fresh, sweet, and sophisticated fragrance).

They have also been venturing into men's fragrances as shown by the two bottle of gamboa sports perfume in this photo. Gamboa sports is named after their big boss whose surname is Gamboa, hence the name. Their big boss' son is really into basketball and felt a need for fragrances that can sweat with him and keep him smelling fresh for long, this is why the product line was born. 

 The folks from the company had a great, light chit chat with us, where they explained the various brands of the company as well as what their man benefits are.

And ta daaa! Daniel Padilla has a concert series being run by eRAse! Be sure to get your tickets while it's early!

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