Last November 21, Healthy Skin Magazine had an event at Stacy's BGC and invited us over! For the curious folks out there, it's a beauty magazine in the Philippines that highlights the non-invasive in-clinic and over-the-counter beauty products and trends. It also features slimming tips and the like. The magazine was borne out of the consumer trend that 72% of Pinays spend a lot on beauty products, said Kantar WorldPanel. I was not informed though on what 'a lot' was and what benchmark it's based on, but being a beauty blogger, it's not hard for me to see the observation.  

Pinays are of course very beauty conscious, but given how we generally aren't into very invasive procedures to enhance our looks, Healthy Skin aims to show non-invasive and non -surgical beauty treatments that Pinays can get for various beauty issues.  

This event was done in partnership with Skin Perfection products. 

The magazine's publisher gave a short speech on how the magazine came to be, why they started it, and she gave a run down on the various sections and topics that are in the magazine. 

They also got a dermatologist to come over and discuss the non-surgical but more than facials kinds of things that can be done. I was actually thrilled about her discussion that dark circles are not always incurable! She says that in some cases, it's because the under eye area is depressed which is why what happens is the Tyndall effect. Remember those police interrogation scenes where there is just this one lamp from above the room and the criminal looks so tired and everything? Well yes it could be that but rather when light hits the face and it hits the depressed area, it creates shadows on that depressed part, hence creating the illusion of dark circles. The cure is a simple collagen filler injection to puff the area up. Wow. 

My table mates for the day. I like how they paid good attention to make the whole place floral and dainty. 

Can I just say they fed us the best cupcakes ever hahaha.

Later on in the event, they did an oxygen facial demonstration. I no longer stayed for the duration of the facial as I had other things to do that day.