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  1. NataliaSinga says

    Hi.. i dont know will you see this but i do hope to get a reply! <3 I love this cleansing foam line but since theyre discontinued, may i know whether the baking powder cleanser is the same formula as this one? I really want to use the same type of cleansing foam again T.T Thank youu!

    • Doll Up Mari says

      It's not the same. It's the same kind of foaminess and lather for both, but baking powder line really has baking powder in the formula so it has some grit to it. If you really want a soft foam then it would be this.

    • NataliaSinga says

      ahhh.. when you say grit, it alarms me that it may be drying (or do you mean granules?). which do u personally like better tho? πŸ™‚ oh and thanks for responding!

    • Doll Up Mari says

      i wouldn't say granules because the baking powder doesn't dissolve during use. i really mean grit because it sort of serves as a soft daily exfoliant. i personally like baking powder more but it really depends on the person

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