Hooray! This is one of my first few food events! So I was invited to check out Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Ice Cream Ice Blended Beverages launch. 

Since I came from a prior event, when I got there, the event was already over. But I'm so thankful the team still waited for me and asked for drinks for my taste test as well! 

This is my first time at the 26th Street Bistro of Coffee Bean. I have been to their stores, but I've never been to one this big. It's got a warm, cozy atmosphere. The high ceilings really add to the aesthetic of the store.

This place is the ultimate venue for small meetings and everything because there's so much space here. The ambience is also quite good, and I think the kind of crowd that gathers here is more of the civilized kind so it's not very noisy here.

I was told that the event had a lot of flowers and there were lots of bouquets and everything. This is the last of the centerpiece displays! I'm glad I even got to take a photo of it.

I was too full that day, but all these cakes look too good!

And ultimately, this post is all about their Ice Cream Ice Blended beverages. So they have it in Salted Pistachio, Mint Chocolate Chip (espresso based) and Cookies and Cream (espresso based). These drinks boast of being made with real ice cream and not just ice, which is why they behave more like milkshakes rather than slushies. The cookies and chips are also real because when we got to the bottom of the drinks at home, there were unblended chunks of chocolate left. I was actually glad about this because this really means that they use real ingredients and not some flavored powder for these beverages. 

So apparently, they invented the ice blended drinks. But I guess this ice cream ice blended ones are even better because they do not water up when left to sit for a while and when the contents have meleted.

I know it's technically "just" a café but it really adds to the experience when you see office ladies and sossy people walk around. Or when you see the graffitti walls on the properties nearby. There really is something about the energy in BGC.

And you really can feel that you're in BGC when you look out the glass panels of this branch as you slowly sip from your straw.

These beverages are now available at all Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores. The Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Ice Blended® and Mint Chip Ice Cream Ice Blended® flavors are priced at P175 for the regular size and P195 for the large size. The Pure Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Ice Blended® and Pure Salted Pistachio Ice Cream Ice Blended® flavors are P165 for the regular size, and P185 for the large size.

So yaaaay, till my next food adventure! 

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