It's that time of the year when no one will really hear out a wish list, but I don't really care I'll do it anyways because there are just sooo many thiiings I want from Zalora! Okay so I know the immediate question that comes to mind is like why do I have to make this wish list why don't I just go ahead and buy these and not make this wish list anymore? I wish I could easily do that had it not been for my current wishlist already amounting to like more than Php10,000! You guys know that Zalora just has so many things for sale that it's really impossible to get just one thing for a transaction. 

I'll be leaving the link to each item in my wish list in case you guys want to buy it now. I'm just not sure if you can get through the whole list without buying everything hahaha. 

So, let's get started! 
I am so smitten by this design because it looks a lot like Samantha Thavasa bags. I have already been to the Samantha Thavasa stores in Hong Kong, but the bags sell for like Php6000-7000 but still are made of synthetic leather. My budget for cutesy synthetic leather bags is like Php1000 at most for a bag, which is why this bag really fits the part. 

I love plaid everything, period. I have plaid skirts, polo shirts, a skort, a jacket, and I can say that my collection is still premature. I have no idea about what exactly is it about plaid that makes me super happy, but I feel like my plaid collection will never really ever be complete. I am so totally eyeing this blouse because I still don't have a legit plaid blouse yet...

I have no idea but I have also been smitten by the see through lace panel trend, and so at present I have 4 dresses bearing this kind of design. It's about time I also got one that's just a top because all my dresses with this style give off a formal vibe and don't really work for casual occasions. 

I recently got a skirt like this from Forever 21 and the compliments really came in in truckloads. Everybody just loooved the whole lace and sheer thing and how it looks demure and not demure at the same time. I feel like I need more skirts like these because they are sooo easy to work with and they really reap so much compliments mehehe...

I have sooo many Bench boxer shorts but I also feel like the collection still isn't complete. I have like 4 now, but I feel like I could use more. I use these as house shorts so I am almost always in these. I have these in plaid and florals so I think polka dots should be the next. Amusingly, I was susprised while browsing that Zalora has an extensive underwear department in its site! I never thought that of all the places, Zalora would have like almost 1000 panties and boxers plus bras for sale. They have lots of other trendy and comfy undies from Bench and so many other brands so it's not impossible to complete your lingerie collection without even leaving your house. 

This is here because Cotton On Body has always had a place in my heart. They have the cutest undies since time in memoriam, and I have been squealing at the cuteness of a lot of their undies since 2010. I haven't been buying undies since 2012 because I made a major major Victoria's Secret underwear haul when we went to the US, and like I got like 35 pieces of underwear overall that it's more or less only now that I've used most of them and am needing new ones again.

This kinda came into the list because I woke up to the realization that I'm about to get out of school. Like for reals. It then made me realize that I had to invest in gems like these because I will probably be in a lot of tight slacks and bodycon dresses for work when I get into the workforce. And yes, even I am amused and amazed that they have underwear styles that range from fun, cutesy, sexy, and even to the more serious and utilitarian ones like these. Is it just me or like there's no way to see the undies through the tabs? That's why it's only now I am finding out about this?

And after I found out that they had undies for sale, I also took the time to see the bras they have. Because I am still so surprised till now that they turn out to have a very expansive underwear collection in the site. Cotton On always has the cutest bras, so it wasn't surprising they'd make the cutest bralettes, too.

And this is on the wish list because this really will kind of be a wish. I have tried similar styles to this, but like the boning on the garment's sides has restricted me from movement and breathing. I super love styles like this, bit I really have to hand pick and try each one of this style to see if I will still be able to breathe hahaha. 

This is here because innisfree is known for making no-chill eyeliners. The colors spread on smoothly but go on very vividly and opaquely. I did check the site for the always new auto liner pencil (the one that auto sharpens once you put it back onto the cap) but there still aren't any. Thankfully, they do have this version, which I think also comes with its own sharpener already.  

This is here because my whole world is soooo crazy about this product. Whether online or in conversations in real life, the blogosphere is craaazy about this. Even my blog readers have tried to tell me to try this, too! 

I am a total sucker for Johnson's Milk+Rice and I have a giant bottle of it because that's what I use to clean my brushes (it gives the best, long lasting scent to the brushes!!!), which is why when this came out I got really curious to try it. I checked out stores the day after Marian's press conference but there wasn't any of this yet, which is why I think I'll get mine here. 

This has long been on my wish list and is part of the list partly because I am so happy Zalora is now selling Sigma beauty! Almost all my brushes are Sigma, so right now it's more of like finding more specialized brushes like these to add to my collection. This has always been out of stock in Sigma's own site because obviously, everyone wants a perfect winged line, every single time.

And finally, this is here because it is the most expensive one so I thought I'd end this post with the most dramatically expensive item. I keep on sniffing this perfume in magazine samples and I really love it, but like I'm not sure I can randomly shell out the money just for a single bottle of perfume. The current high end perfume on the top of my wish list is Lancôme's La Vie Est Belle, which will also cost quite a lot, so this purchase will probably happen much later on. 

So what's your Zalora wish list as of now? 

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