Since it's midnight, it's officially July 29. And July 29 is officially National Lipstick Day!!! I will be very honest-- I have no idea who started it and I have no idea what cultural significance this day is supposed to serve-- but I will go on to celebrate it! Because I feel like no matter how much people downplay girls for liking makeup, there really is a magic that only lipstick can bring to a look. No look is complete without lipstick, and one look can go from one side of the spectrum to the other in a matter of seconds all with a change of lipstick shade.

I still cannot understand butthurt netizens who keep on insisting that liking makeup is akin to having a deep seated psychological problem, or that liking makeup is a symptom of narcissism or a bandaid solution to a deep rooted insecurity. Honestly, what's wrong with actually finding something that helps to boost one's confidence? Or for my personal reasons-- I need to be made up because people expect that from me as a beauty blogger in events and other engagements and because I am a management student and need to look presentable in formal business engagements. And for the longest time, it has all just boiled down to merely wanting to play and experiment. And what's wrong with all that? 

If the reason behind National Lipstick Day is to fight against the stigma of liking makeup, then yes I now perfectly understand why it exists and will rally for its continuity till the end of time. 

And to date, here are the more recent lipstick collections I've blogged about. Just putting them here because I think we should be looking at lipsticks laid out like this on National Lipstick Day. Just doing my public service, y'all. 

This is the L'Oréal Velvet Pinks collection.

While this is the Maybelline Rosy Matte product line. 

While not a lipstick line per se, this is Maybelline's Lip Flush line. 

But I guess more than the meaningful thoughts behind this day, let us now go back to being rational human beings who will hoard at all the lipstick sales today. Enjoy your hoarding, everyone!!! 

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