Sample Room has blessed us with the secret to #GandaraHair, and of course that is through no other than the NEW Head and Shoulders! 

The scientists behind Head and Shoulders took zinc particle size seriously this time as they saw the effects of how smaller particle sizes can deliver better experiences for sunscreen users. They realized through their research that smaller sized Zinc particles had an impact in contributing to improved scalp and hair conditions. These smaller particles are 8x smaller to eliminate coarse particles, provide an improved and finer lather, seep into the areas where the dandruff-causing fungi are to combat them, and wash dirt off from the hair better. 

To add, new research from Head & Shoulders presented at the World Congress of Hair Research
shows that the fungus that causes dandruff is also responsible for oxidative stress in the scalp skin. What this means is that this fungi makes even virgin hair already damaged from the start, so the person lives a cycle of bad and damaged hair because the hair strand is already attacked from the start of its growth. People kinda think that it's the hair itself that needs to be addressed, and often overlook the scalp as an important part to take care of. 

“Often people are very diligent in caring for their hair and neglect their scalp and, in many cases, it’s because they don’t know how to properly care for the scalp.”
-Dr Lefkowicz, Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology

What the new Head and Shoulders wishes to do with its refined formulation is to enhance scalp health so that people need not live lives where their hair is already damaged from the start due to dandruff causing fungi (which in turn are causing stress on the scalp). The new formulation aims to do three main things: 
1.) CLEANSE - With gentle cleansing agents the smaller ZPT particles create a rich lather that is deeply indulgent, whilst being effective in offering best in class flake reduction.
2.) PROTECT - Micro-Zinc Dandruff actives go deeper into the places where the dandruff causing fungus resides, for longer lasting dandruff protection and defence against oxidative stress
3.) MOISTURISE - The 3ActionFormula leaves the hair fibers feeling soft and instantly hydrated thanks to active ingredients that lock-in moisture for noticeably smoother, softer hair that is more manageable and beautiful
So this is the kit they sent it in!!! This is my first time to use Head and Shoulders so I thought I'd be a good candidate as I'd be able to tell the difference immediately as I've never tried it before. As for why I've never tried it before, it simply is just a matter of having something else to use all the time. Not because I don't like the brand or don't like the product whatsoever.

I received from them one Smooth and Silky Shampoo, one Smooth and Silky conditioner, and one Apple Fresh shampoo. You can grab the Smooth and Silky shampoo and conditioner combo for 110 points at Sample Room right now. The Apple Fresh shampoo and Cool Menthol shampoo bottles come at 60 points per bottle but it's already the full sized 170mL bottle worth Php122.50. As of this writing there are still a good number of samples so hurry up before they run out!!! 

They also sent in haircare tools because this is all about achieving healthy #GandaraHair! I highly appreciate the effort to send over a wide toothed comb for wet hair use and a brush for dry hair use. 

And I also super liked the bag that it came in! I travel all the time (you dolls know that) and I am always on the lookout for good travel compartment bags. I've never bought travel bags myself because the ones that brands give out like these are already super practical and super useful. 

And this is my first selfie after my first use! I used the Smooth and Silky shampoo and conditioner combo. The shampoo itself is not so richly lathering, but you can feel that the foam bubble size is small. I think it lathers a lot like the foaming facial washes of today, wherein the lather is not so intense (like slidy or slippery) per se but the bubbles are soooo small that it can do a really deep clean. I didn't do a second day selfie anymore as it's very similar to this one. I can say that my hair feels bouncy and healthy and clean. I can't really talk about shine and softness because I feel like any shampoo can provide shine and softness if the hair is styled, but I like that despite the very erratic weather these past few days (hello flood level rains sandwiched in between desert level heat waves), my scalp feels clean throughout the day. My hair volume is also at optimal levels for someone with eternally limp hair. 

The conditioner is more of a thick type conditioner and emulates the weekly treatments most brands of today have, but I appreciate that it nourishes the hair without weighing it down. I feel like a lot of conditioner brands are good at the primary purpose of making the hair soft but end up making the scalp feel oily or gunky hours after the person's bath.  

I liked the melon-ey fragrance my hair got from this! The fragrance lasts for more than 12 hours if I'm not under the sun. I have yet to do outdoor activities with this for me to find out about the behavior of the fragrance under heat and the elements. I will now be trying the apple one so that I can find out if my hair will smell more like apples or melons after my shower hahaha. 

So don't forget to grab your samples at Sample Room!!! 

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