No one speaks in ballet, but there is really this unexplainable magic to it! 

I am very thankful to have been invited to grace Ballet Manila's showing of Cinderella last weekend. They still have more shows this weekend so hurry and get your tickets!!!

Overall, the production quality was soooo high on this show. They really put in a lot of effort to make the technical elements of a Cinderella show come alive. It's not just ballet. It's an all encompassing spectacle. There's the glass shoe, the crystal carriage, and the dress that gets torn by the stepsisters. 

Plenty of dancers had lights on their costumes, and it's not easy to put lights on costumes, especially for the purpose of ballet that they're jumping and spinning the whole time. I honestly super comend the costume department for creating all these props and add ons that are able to withstand the ballet dancers' movements. Even madam Lisa is interesting with how she can keep a wig on whilst twirling and jumping, as she took on the role of Fairy Godmother. 

  The most amusing for any audience member, perhaps, is how they made Cinderella change from common clothes to Cinderella clothes onstage and how the animals turned into handsome tailors and carriage drivers to bring Cinderella to the ball. 

There is really a need to see it for one's self. There is a special magic that comes alive when the music, the dance, and all the other things like the lighting, costumes, and props come together. This is far from the boring and stiff kind of ballet some people might have in mind. I honestly could not believe that two hours had already immediately passed by!  

I am sure all of you already know Cinderella so this post is really more about the photos to hopefully inspire you to go this weekend. There is an 8PM performance on December 3 and a 3PM performance on December 4. 
<3 Enjoy!

Sooo these are the cast members who performed last weekend. Not sure if the same people will do it again this weekend.

Cinderella's entrance

Cinderella is given good produce by the animals.

The evil stepmother. She is in tap dancing shoes, not ballet shoes. Everybody loved her personality.

Two young ballerinos bring in the invitation for the grand ball. 

The stepsisters practice their dancing in preparation for the ball. But of course, they lack the finesse.

It's noticeable how much finesse Cinderella has compared to her stepsisters. I comend the stepsisters because they are principal ballerinas, too, and I think that when you are used to being so graceful it's not easy to undo that gracefulness. 

The couturiers arrive with clothes to be worn to the ball. 

Cinderella's dreams of going to the ball are ruined when the stepsisters tear the beautiful blue dress she was supposed to wear. 

Madam Lisa, aka Fairy Godmother, finally comes to the rescue. I love her costume soo much I would love to have the same elements of purple gradation, flowers and crystals put into a gown for myself!!! 

The fairy godmother calls on her assistants and they all have a dance to form the spell that would turn Cinderella into the princess she's supposed to be. This was sooo pretty to watch in real life, and I highly urge you to watch the show because this is not easy to capture on camera. One must really see the spectacle of this part. 

Since this is Cinderella in ballet, the two mesmerize the crowds with spins and dancing. 

Before everybody's eyes, Cinderella becomes ready for the ball. 

The animals are now magically transformed to the handsome assistants and charriot drivers who will bring Cinderella to the ball. 

At the ball the prince mingles with the guests. And since this is ballet, we are impressed with high jumps like this. 

The prince looks to the crowd, but feels that something is missing. 

The stepsisters make it to the ball, and immediately, their goal is to attract the prince. 
But immediately, she stepsisters are overshadowed when the prince's attention is caught by Cinderella who finally made it to the ball with a very grand entrance. 

The former animals are now carrying Cinderella around the ball, showcasing her beauty to all the guests. 

The prince is instantly enamored with Cinderella.

And they are literally bound to each other the moment they meet. 

Despite the stepsisters' advances, the prince just has his eyes set on someone else. 

To the prince and Cinderella, all they can see is each other. Everybody else and everything else doesn't matter. 

But alas, the clock struck 12 and it was time for Cinderella to go home. 

The prince only can hold onto a glass slipper. 

The stepsisters try the shoe, but their efforts prove to be futile. 

With the help of fairy godmother, Cinderella proves that she is indeed the one, and is now in this beautiful wedding dress. 

The fairy godmother is perhaps their ninang at the wedding. 

They prepare to board their carriage to happily ever after. 

Stepmother still manages to make a show out of this and happily dances with the dance instructor around the carriage. 

A kiss to seal their fate into happily ever after. 

The three are met with much acclaim and loud cheers are heard from the audience. 

Of course, despite playing a "supporting" role, madam Lisa is met with the wildest cheers from the crowd. 

Our protagonists are also well loved, not for their comedy factor per se like the stepsisters, but for their sheer dance talent. 

The stepmother is well loved. To be honest she doesn't seem to be designed as the evil stepmother you're supposed to hate. She's designed to be this comedic character to add more personality to the whole story. 

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