Be Our Guest at Nail Cocktales for they are now proud to be equipped with Morgan Taylor and Gelish's Beauty and the Beast collection! 

Sooo for those living in caves, Morgan Taylor (regular polish) and Gelish (gel polish) have matching Beauty and the Beast polish collections inspired by the whimsical colors from the movie. It may have been the usual nail spa visit, but it was definitely more magical, enchanted, and whimsical because of the theme of this collection. 
So yeahh I couldn't help but to take photos of the dessert buffet set up and the 7 shades of this collection!!! I am swooning because I like how they perfectly nailed the colors. I find pastels to be often disappointing in nail polish because the colors are often too pale or too sheer that by the time one gets the colors to show up, one must've probably piled on like 4-5 coats already. And we all know that those 4-5 coats will have melted off of the person in less than 6 hours. I was super thrilled to see that this was not merely a gimmick and they took the time to create shades that are mellow and come with a sophisticated antique vibe without watering them down or sacrificing their vivacity.

I also liked that they more or less explored the whole color palette of the movie's themes. And that there is a shade for everybody's taste. They explored the whole spectrum. They could have settled with the theme of the rose and created a whole collection revolving around it, but they decided to create a more well rounded collection.

Since there don't seem to be so many real life photos on the internet yet, I decided I'd take photos of each of the shades so y'all have a better idea of how they look like (and so that y'all will be more excited to fly to the nail spa to try this collection yourselves).

The Last Petal. It's a beautiful pearly deep red. 

Be Our Guest. A vibrant and fun hot pink with a touch of coral. 

Plumette with Excitement. A pearlescent powder pink. 

Gaston and On and On and On. Pearlescent powder blue. 

Days In The Sun. Pearlescent light lemon yellow. 

Potts of Tea. Pearlescent white. 

Enchanted Patina. A pearl-holo rose gold with a touch of bronze. 
This is meant to be a top coat for the other shades to give a cute, antique feel. But this can stand alone and make you slay like a queen. 

So here they are all lined up. I soooo totally appreciated the dessert buffet set up with all the roses and stuff!!!

For my manicure, I chose Morgan Taylor Be Our Guest because y'all know how much I love bright pinks like this. I chose regular polish (Morgan Taylor over Gelish) because I'm about to start having hard gel extensions again soon and I thought it'd be easier to get it off instead of gel. Whether or not I or a nail spa do the extensions, it's easier to remove regular polish rather than gel polish. 

My nails were filed, cleaned, and the excess skin and cuticles were removed. I appreciated this nail spa because they really mean clean when they say clean.

This is how "Be Our Guest" looks like alone. It's so cute and pretty!!! I also feel that it's gonna be a flattering shade for a lot of people.

And now this is how it looks like with some nails getting the Enchanted Patina overlay.

This is me being shocked at the beauty of the overlay! I personally suggest that if you're gonna have the overlay, it's better to select accent nails rather than placing it on every single nail because then it'll be able to stand out. Like if you apply the Enchanted Patina on everything, there'd be no contrast. But still, it's your life and your nails so if you want aaaallll your nails to look pearly and rose gold I have no right to stop you. 

Now they proceed to the pedicure. The eternal problem I have with nail salons is that the lighting is often so dim that it's so hard to take photos. I like nail salons that are bright and well lit hahaha.

In theory trying out the polish was really quick, but what took a lot of time was the cleaning and removal of ingrown nail fragments and dead skin. I sincerely didn't mind sitting down for over 2 hours just for a mani-pedi because the nail engineer assigned to me was suuuuper attentive in getting all the unwanted things out. She really took her time to remove all the ingrown nail fragments and that is so rare nowadays because some salons sashay their way out of that task. I've heard nail salons tell me "Oh we don't remove those because if we do the regrowth is twice as scary", and while part of me knows it's true, I still would sincerely want the ingrown fragments to be removed because they cause discomfort. Period.

This is the first time I've seen my toenails so clean!!! They look like a girl's toenails now!!!

Initially I was supposed to get matching nails and have Be Our Guest on my toenails. I ultimately decided to use the Enchanted Patina alone because it's so pretty on its own already. The nice thing about Gelish's lamps is that the plate below it is removable so you don't have to flex your foot just for it to fit inside the lamp. That is such a helpful feature especially when you're seated on a nail spa chair and you're not necessarily in the right position to flex your foot.

For my toenails we ended up using three coats of Enchanted Patina to achieve the desired effect.

This is the result after the three coats!!! I love it so much because it's holo and pearly but neutral enough to blend in. This can buy me more time with the regrowth as it's the kind of color that blends in. But the bigger reason why I chose this is that I felt that it's the right kind of shade for the toenails. Another blogger put it perfectly that vibrant colors that often brighten the look of the hands tend to do the opposite for the toes. There are shades that are vibrant and pretty but look butt ugly once on the toes. I chose this because I felt that it was a mellow shade that would not make my feet look weird.

Sooo I'm sorry for the rough transition but may I say how much I loved the dessert buffet setup for this eveeeent. Cupcakes everywheeeere!!! I love these cupcakes because they're so moist and the frosting tastes good. 

They also had the glass and the rose thingy going on!

They even had Beauty and the Beast themed cookies for us to munch on!!!!

The whole buffet setup was sooo exhilarating. I could stare at this for daaaaays.

Sooo while you won't see this buffet setup in spas, you're bound to feel the magic of Beauty and the Beast not just in cinemas near you but in nail salons near you, too! 

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