As of 2017, if I'm not using any of the five shades off of Maybelline's Rosy Mattes, I'm using this lipstick. In less than like 2 months I think I've used up like 30% of this lipstick already. It's THAT good. I'm so addicted to this. 

Because in the first place, Moonshot can't rely on its YG branding alone. GD and Dara and BlackPink can only do so much given that the context is Korea and that they have dozens of competitors as big as them, and with even more expertise and stores. And almost all of KPop royalty is endorsing some K-Beauty brand. Given that it's churning out items relatively in the midtier to high end pricing range, the products need to justify the pricing. 

I got this from Charis, and since I went with just one lipstick first (as I haven't seen the swatches in real life yet when I placed the order). I looked at the online reviews and made a hunch that Muse Pink must be the muted pink that I want. And wee I'm just soo in love with this shade! 

This is how the box looks like. 

The packaging is just so sleek! It feels so luxurious to have this. The matte black finish is speaking to me on so many levels.

This is what's printed on the bottom of the product. 

This is how it looks like. I love the ergonomic shape of the lipstick! It's considerably easier to apply this compared to other shapes of lipstick because of the flat surface and the corners. That and the fact that this just looks so luxurious. This lipstick alone has raised the equity of my lip drawer hahaha. 

Okaaay before everything, since I think I'll be reviewing more and more of these in the future (I recently got my second one! And I'm eyeing 2-3 more in the future), I'll give my general verdict over this collection right here: 
Shade Selection: This collection has 16 shades, of which there are 6 matte shades and 10 standard shades (matte shades have M in the shade code, while standard shades have S).Thankfully, all are available through Charis for Philippine consumers! I reaaaally like the shades of this collection because I feel that they're offering different shades from the usual K-Beauty brand. This collection is pushing the envelope for what K-Beauty lipsticks are supposed to be like. The shades are unique, bold, electrifying, and all of them bring this sort of spunk to one's look. 
Color Payoff: This collection has surprisingly good color payoff. This behaves a lot like American lipsticks in terms of color payoff. What you see is what you get. I didn't have any moment of difficulty with differentiating the shades because each shade goes on very accurately to the tube that they're all discernable. I normally have difficulty with Korean lipsticks once I start swatching because the translucency and the closeness of the shades and the lack in color payoff makes all of them indiscernible once all has been said and done. 
Pigmentation: Unlike the usual Korean lipstick, the colors go on so vividly. Never a dull moment with this collection because the shades are so intense! They go on opaquely, unlike the translucent or tint like lipsticks that Korean brands usually have. I didn't have to exert much effort to get these shades at full intensity. I personally like shades like this more because I see more potential in them. I like how I have a choice. I can pile them on like crazy if I want an opaque lip look, and pat them on lightly if I want to just have them tint on my lips or contribute to a gradation lip look. 
Texture: These lipsticks are very creamy and velvety, and the matte ones have a soft powdery feel to them (think of Maybelline Powder Mattes). Unlike the usual Korean lipstick formula, these glide on smoothly, and I found myself in awe that these don't skid while being swatched. The standard lipsticks feel smooth and emollient and creamy, like they're the matte formula and just happen to not be powdery.  
Comfort: These lipsticks are very comfortable, whether it's the standard or the matte one. These lipsticks are creamy and do not feel sticky at all. I feel that plenty of Korean brands do get sticky at some point, but this doesn't. There's never an awkward feeling to it from application up until it dries and wears off. 
Longevity: These lipsticks last on me on a so-so basis. They're perhaps not the most long lasting lipsticks on earth, but since plenty of these come in bright and cheery tones, they mostly do leave a soft and pretty tint. 
Value For Money: I feel that while these lipsticks are very good and very sophisticated, they really do bite with the price tag! I think that the weakness I can point out is that there are plenty of drugstore American brand lipsticks that I can cite that have the same quality at lower prices. For this collection, I feel that to get the most value for money, it's best to select the shades that you think will be your statement shades. The ones you'd wear everyday and for every look and for every occasion. Plenty of the shades in this collection are great for everyday use, and as I've seen in my case, I have been using the same Moonshot lipstick for months without getting tired of it at all. 
Overall Feedback: I feel that these lipsticks are ALL about the attitude, and they really do bring it. The best thing I like about this collection is that each shade is so unique in its own way that I can barely name dupes for many of the shades. There are so many subtle nuances that I can't explain that make them perfect for Asian skintones. I found myself swooning over how each shade looked on me because I could not find a shade that didn't suit me. I may be very pale, but being pale doesn't always mean everything is flattering on me. With this collection, I found every shade flattering on me. These have an unexplainably luxurious and sophisticated feel that aside from the technical benefits, it just feels so nice to own these. 

Okaaaay now that's done, this is Muse Pink. This is a muted nudy pink with a soft and warm feel to it. There is also a tiny bit of brown and coral contributing to this shade. The website describes it as a Soft Indian Pink, though I have absolutely no idea what that's supposed to mean hahahha. 

Color wise, this looks a lot like Maybelline Rosy Mattes Mat 3, but the pigmentation and matteness of this Moonshot one is waaay waaay crazier (even if the MNY one is already really good). I honestly could not believe that this shade that I loved so much is so close to my least favorite shade in Maybelline's Rosy Mattes collection (but hey it's just the least favorite in my favoritest collection in the world so it's still a favorite somehow), but when I analyzed further, it's because this happens to be slightly nudier and slightly more muted that this blends in with my skintone perfectly. The slight changes in tone make such a big difference. 

Up close this is how it looks like. It's MLBB material!!! 

This is how it looks like when swatched. It's not a sassy or playful pink. Unlike the other shades, this is subtle and not electrifying. But I find it to be so good because this shade is just so useful. 

On the lips, it looks reaaally flat and matte. This is a matte one, so I am glad that it's doing its job by being so flat out matte. Not a single shimmer or glimmer in all of the lip and skin swatches I took.

On me, it looks like the perfect MLBB shade. The texture and the color come together to make this lipstick effortlessly like an extension of me. I now feel like I apply this not because I need its color per se, but because I need it to look human. I look sickly and pale when I don't have makeup on, and many days I can get away with just using this lipstick and magically going from ghostly to blooming in seconds.

Despite this looking like I don't have lipstick on, you'd notice that my actual lip is browner and grayer than this lipstick, which is why while it feels invisible, it is actually doing so much color correction for my overall look. I suuuper love this shade and I'd recommend this in a heartbeat. 

I am just so thankful that they have these lipsticks at Sasa in Hong Kong so I was finally able to swatch and see almost all of them in real life! I love allll the shades, though my next purchase will probably be Electric Pink..

I have here some swatches which I'll briefly describe:
S113 Pink Bebe: A very milky pastel pink. This has barely any mauve or nudy undertones, like this is literally a blush or cherry blossom pink. This looks nice on photos, but may have this novelty feel to it once on the lips because it literally looks like strawberry milk.
S114 Electric Pink: A beautiful and vivid hot pink. The website describes it as a vivid magenta pink.
S115 Rose On Lip: A more muted and tame version of S114. A lovely bright coral pink. I bought this because I love how much life it gives to my ghostly complexion. The site describes it as a rosy coral pink. I love coral pinks so much, and this happens to be one particularly good take on the shade family.
S116 Purple Blush: An orchid pink to me. The website describes it as a hippy purple pink.
S210 Peach and Cream: A clay toned shade with a touch of pink. Or literally, it's a milky peach shade. The website calls it peach coral.
S711 Purple Splash: Bright bluish Fuchsia
S712 Golden Mist: A translucent gold topping to be used on top of the others to create a metallic look. Can of course be used alone, and can also be used as highlighter and eyeshadow/eyeshadow primer.
S811 Barely Nude: A peachy nude. The website says it's a salmon peach nude, although I'm not really finding it to be orange or vivid enough to be described as salmon...

M113 Vintage Wine: I feel that it's literally a plummy, wine-ey red.
M810 Faint Brick: An unapologetically beautiful clay shade. The website describes it as a soft brown orange.
S111 Accent: A fiery chilli red.
S112 The Red: A bright and cheery modern cherry red. This is the right balance for everyday as it's not too wild like the other reds in this collection.

Just to give a better idea, here are some of the pinks together with Muse Pink. Peach and Cream obviously looks peachy. Rose On Lip is a redder and more vivid deviation from Muse Pink. And Pink Bebe on the other hand is its own kind of breed and does not carry any brownish tones, and this becomes apparent when it's beside the others. 

My favorites are of course this shade I am reviewing (Muse Pink), and I went to buy Rose on Lip. I want to buy Electrifying Pink next! On Fire (not in this post sorry!) is also a potential choice because I don't usually use pure reds myself and I always like to instead use pinks that are borderline red. 

I swear I feel like I'm gonna use up my Muse Pink within this year given the rate of how much of it I am consuming! 

BTW, get yours today from Charis

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