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  1. Mariya Bektorya says

    My reaction was like O_O.. The box looks so elegant! Thumbs up for Maybelline Team for bringing new products which are handy and multi-functional. A price for two, what a good deal. Thanks for this informative post. ^_^

  2. Angelie Namindang says

    Wow!!! Ang gaganda.. #KilayisLife talaga… But as I computes that all, wow din cost Php1545.00 hahaah medyo mahal. Pero I do love Maybelline products. Lalo na lipstick nila. Love love love. A must try this..

  3. Michele de Guia Ereño says

    Eversince I learn how to do my brows, I've been inlove with brow products. I've tried the brow powder, wax and pencil. But I'm most confident in using pencil. I have the Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Pencil, I'm excited to use it. Maybelline has always something new and great to offer.

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