Le Petit Soufflé is already a magical name in itself. All day breakfast at Le Petit Soufflé probably sounds more magical, and indeed, it really is more magical! 

Le Petit Soufflé recently launched their all day breakfast in the form of their spinoff Eggs Benedict dishes. Le Petit Soufflé is famous for its French-Japanese fusion fare, but to me, it is the place I most closely associate with perfectly poached eggs. Jiggly eggs with fully runny yolks? Only Le Petit Soufflé can do that. They know their eggs very well. I come to this place to jiggle all the egg dishes, and sing Jigglypuff's theme song while doing so. 

To those who are wondering, this is the branch at 2/F, SM Mega Fashion Hall. 

There is Workshop bakeshop. The interiors are so dreamy! This bakery literally looks like it was sliced off from the middle of Paris and inserted in Megamall.

Ahhh... the interiors are relaxing. To say that I love the interiors here is an understatement hee hee. 

And to those who may not be aware, yes, there is a function room in their Megamall branch! From the outside, this Le Petit Soufflé may not look so vast, but in reality, it's in a very deep corner that once you walk inside you'll realize it's much bigger than it seems. The door is like the tip to the iceberg. 

This is such a pretty function room! I wish Le Petit Soufflé was already open when I was interning before, as I went crazy looking for a decent function room for my boss' lunch meeting. You can definitely host small parties here, too. 

And as for the all day breakfast, they have 4 new takes on Eggs Benedict! There's Black Forest Ham, Pulled Chasyu, Smoked Salmon, and Unagi. And they also have a spinoff burger format called "Breakfast of Champions," which mainly features a healthy helping of foie gras.

A lot of the food bloggers who came went for Breakfast of Champions. Personally, I know myself as someone who is very sensitive to food odors (as I am the checker of spoilt foods at home), which is why I chose not to go for this one. I have never tried foie gras and am afraid it'd be too overwhelming for me. But for those who chose this dish, there were plenty of smiles across the room! That has to be a good sign.

While we were waiting for our main course dishes, we were treated to their Furikake Pomme Frites. This was especially entertaining to munch on as the potatoes are shredded so thinly that you will really take some time grabbing them. It helps to be distracted with mouthwatering food while waiting for even more mouthwatering food.

There was also their Kinoko frites, or their fried mushrooms. It is veeery hard to take photos of them not because they're ugly or what. It's just so hard because you'd need soooo much self control to not gobble everything down until you've snapped a good photo! Real good stuff! 14/10 would overeat any day. 

And for those who are curious, that's their Forest Berries Crafted Iced Tea in the background! I personally chose Yakult Guava flavor because guava is life. But for plenty of others, Forest Berries was such a refreshing choice. 

And my choice was chasyu benedict. This was perfect for me as I always feel safe and comfortable with Oriental flavors. This had a generous helping of pulled chasyu as well as mushrooms, grilled and glazed with an Asian sauce. All day breakfast, to me, should be all about feeling cozy and comfy. I also got what I wanted with the jiggly eggs and the very runny yolk! 

I got chasyu while my friend Phylicia got unagi. Very oriental choices at this table! 

And after a loooong time, I saw Jeanne again! Hello Jeanne. 

As well as Phylicia!!! So nice to see you all.