March 2, 2018 was such a monumental day in my life, and I have so much regret that it is only now that I have the opportunity to talk about what happened in great detail!!!


Well, in an extreme twist of fate that can only be orchestrated by God, I met Patrickstarrr!!! Feb 24 was his meet and greet for MAC customers, and while I had no hesitations on hoarding everything to be able to see him at his fanmeet, I was unfortunately very ill. I was coughing up a storm, and I had a bad cold, too, hence I was sneezing and wheezing a lot as well. I didn't go to the event because I knew I'd only be a disturbance to public order my sneezing and coughing. I thought I missed the chance and hoped that he'd come again soon.

Well, lo and behold, Quezon City dweller Mari was commissioned by Maybelline to do a Facebook live for Lazada at their BGC office, at 12NN sharp, on March 3, as the pilot episode of Lazada Beauty TV. Mari Perez walks into the Net Park Lima complex at 11:30AM, still quite sleepy due to severe insomnia, and sees a very very familiar face at Manam. OMG. IT. IS. PATRICKSTARR. Mari takes a 1 in a million chance and walks inside the resto to tell Patrick how much she loves him. Apparently, Patrick and the Starr fam are having their last meal at Manam before flying back to the US.

And kids, that's how I met PatrickStarr. OMG. It was such an extreme twist of fate because all the timings and venues just aligned!!!! I normally never go far away from QC, and even if I have an event at BGC, there are hundreds of possible venues that could've not been Net Park. Patrick could have been dining elsewhere, and could have not yet been there while I was walking at the lobby. Or he could've already left Manam by the time I finished my shoot. The more I think about it months from that day, the more thankful and grateful I feel because it's really an extremely rare circumstance that only God can do.

It was so humbling to meet the Starr fam, as they are so down to earth. You can see in Patrick and Mama Starrr, Papa Starrr, and Peter, how grateful they are for what they have. Mama Starrr and Papa Starrr radiate this aura of gladness with how the world has come to love their son so fervently. It's hard to put into words, but this is a really humble family that appreciates all that they have now and knows the hardships they went through to get to where they are now.

This livestream is part of this vlog. Check it out!

Okay, to the actual reason why I was there, Kristine and I did a Facebook live for Maybelline!

I was supposed to be in all black, but the video was all about fresh summer beauty, so we were requested to come in bright and cheery clothes. Hence the pink outfit hahaha

In general, we worked on a live video to promote Maybelline's Fit Me range, featuring the foundations and concealers, and how both products could blend in seamlessly into one's summer makeup routine. It was more than half an hour long, so for those who want to see what we talked about in detail on cam, here it is!!!

Thank you so much to Ed who took these BTS shots!!! We went in to one of Lazada's board rooms which was transformed into a shoot room for the day. As it's a meeting room, it still wasn't exactly in studio lighting standards, which is why for some, our shadows may have been a little harsh. And gwargh it's so hard to be next to Kristine like weww mamm look at how slim and sexy she is and there I was hahahahaha. I lost 20 lbs recently, but even then, Kristine is celeb level thin, so the contrast will still be vast if we're put together hahaha.

Part of what we did was to guess Lazada staff members' FitMe shades. FitMe now has 14 shades in the Philippines as of June, so there is a lot to choose from for Pinays! It was also so nice that for once, I was not the lighting director nor the cameraman nor the sound technician, and basically just had to be my talkative self the whole time.

To those who are curious as well, there was no script on what exactly should be said about the products outside of the fact that they wanted to highlight the items for summer. We only saw cues for segments, and reminders, but obviously, no one can stay sane trying to write a 45 minute script over foundation and concealer. It really has to come from real conversation. So a lot of what Kristine and I explained over the foundation's shades, usage, and texture are our own thoughts and opinions. I personally love the Fit Me line so much as well, so there was definitely no cognitive dissonance going on as I was happy to be promoting a product I could really recommend to anyone who asks me, whether off cam or on cam.

This is how a page from the cue looks like!

And wee, selfie time!!! I'm with Ed here! Ed is handling L'Oréal's E-commerce marketing and activations, but as L'Oréal has extremely difficult to guess position names, I don't know what his exact title is unless I ask hahaha. Thank you again Ed for the opportunity! AND! To those who have joined my 5th anniversary giveaways, or have already won in them, you have Ed to thank as a lot of the items that I have away are from Maybelline.

And yaaay, as an extreme Lazada addict, I am proud to have stepped into their offices even just once! I'm sure I'm not the only one who relies on Lazada so much, as the shipping is so fast, and when there is a sale, more often than not, Lazada sells items cheaper than when a mall sale would sell them for. I shopped at the mall for L'Oréal items during the mall's sale, and even after combining the brand's discount, the mall's discount, and all the other rebates, it was still cheaper at Lazada when Lazada had its sale. It's really important to be very sensitive about prices because these days, with all the promotions offline and online, the only way to snag the best deal is to know how much the item costs in each place it is sold in.

Yaaaay, I asked Kristine to do this selfie with the plushie and with the foundations. It was a great time with Kristine! She has done a lot of Lazada lives, so it was nice to have been paired with someone who already had extensive experience about how the process worked.

And wahhhhhh yet another precious selfie with Patrick!!!!! I was surprisingly not nervous when I approached him, but it leans more on him being so approachable rather than me having the guts. Seeing him real life is a lot like seeing that YouTube friend you've been watching for years, only that it's not YouTube anymore and is the real life.

I told Patrick about how much I loved his Pia Wurtzbach video, and the Kim K one, and how I loved all the videos!!! I learned so much about eyeshadow thanks to Patrick, as I used to be so bad at doing eyeshadow. I told him how he has inspired me so much that it has come full circle and I am wearing eyeshadow using techniques he made to a shoot as a blogger. I am also in love with his whole collection and I made sure I got myself a Mamastarrr lipstick no matter what, as well as an eyeshadow palette.

I know I don't always share personal stuff on the blog, not out of hesitation, but more of it got to a very transactional process to attend events and to receive items, and to blog about event coverage and product reviews. I always promised myself starting last year that I'd make the blog more personal, but it has proven harder than I thought, as I have real deadlines to live with. But I always hope to add in personal chronicles here...

...till the next one then!

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