SM Beauty Playground Launch

A selfie taken at SM Beauty Playground! 

Why is this significant? Well, it's not because it's me, but rather, how many of us still make it to stores these days? There's too much going on in our lives that we rely on online shopping so heavily. But the difference with online shopping is of course the lack of playtime and reality. It's still a very different feeling to be able to swatch and examine a product in real life, ya know? To be able to swatch things, observe textures, and to compare items realtime... And it's also different to be able to walk around shelves. There are still a lot of brands who do not have strong e-commerce and e-marketing infrastructures, and while they should be investing in those, it's still a loss if we miss out on great products that can only be seen offline. 

That's what's special with SM Beauty Playground. Yeahp, it's still your favorite SM Beauty section, but now, it wants to remind everyone more than ever that it is there for us when we want to learn more about beauty, to experiment with our looks, and to have an overall satisfying customer experience. SM Beauty sections have always been popular for having a sales force that is highly knowledgeable on beauty, and for being patient and helpful to even to the most clueless customer. And they want to remind everyone that that's what they're all about. 

This is in my vlog! Check it out! 

This launch was so epic that they had everybody in the house! Right after the program started there was already a song number from Gabbi Garcia! Gabbi came over to support Maybelline. Maybelline is one of SM Beauty's strongest brands, and even up to this event, they made sure to be the brand to leave the strongest impression.
Gabbi Garcia at SM Beauty Playground Launch

Kiana Valenciano also came over to promote BYS Cosmetics, especially its newer collections.
Kiana Valenciano at SM Beauty Playground Launch

BYS also had models showing off their newest runway ready looks.
BYS segment at SM Beauty Playground Launch

Pond's girl Claudia Barretto not only gave a song number, but was a living doll. The Dua Lipa feels are real!! And most importantly, everyone who saw her that day had probably planned to hoard Pond's items afterwards.
Clauda Barretto Pond's Segment at SM Beauty Playground Launch

The Benefit girls came over and gave a broadway performance about brows! Yeahp, brows! Benefit is highly known for its brow products, so it made sense to have these girls sing and dance about eyebrows...
Benefit Segment at SM Beauty Playground Launch

MAC promoted its MAC Girls palettes with the baddest gals they could find! I loved all the looks, from the makrup to the outfits. I especially loved Min's outfit here!!!
MAC Girls at SM Beauty Playground Launch

SM Beauty itself also squeezed in a mini fashion show, featuring whimsical makeup looks, and lots of pastels and glitters.
SM Beauty Playground Fashion Show 

Now let's talk products!

ICYMI, Peripera released new shades of Peri's Ink Velvet. To add, Club Clio also launched their Rouge Heel Velvet lipsticks as well as their Nudism cushions recently. They also have the Goodal Green Tangerine range (which is sold out in Korea all the time) in the Philippines now.
Peri Pera New Offerings at SM Beauty Playground Launch

Sleek recently released their Cleopatra's Kiss highlighting palette. For those who are addicted to their highlighters, but are looking for something warmer, then this palette is for you.
Sleek MakeUP New Offerings at SM Beauty Playground Launch

Vice Cosmetics has released so much since this event! There's now the Vice X Bang collection, and as of late, they released their lip tints collection. They've released 10000 shades of lipstick, and they're not even 1 year old! Aside from the magic of Vice, personally, I feel that it's the core activity of making high quality affordable products that has led the brand to critical and commercial acclaim.
VICE Cosmetics at SM Beauty Playground Launch

If you saw my Lazada live last month for Maybelline, then good! Because now, they have Superstay foundation, Superstay Matte Inks Unnudes, and Master Chrome highlighters. I waited so long for this!!! These highlighters have had exceptionally good reviews that I was so happy to try them. The texture is just so dreamy. It's blinding, but it's buttery enough that it doesn't have a chunky effect, shine wise.
Maybelline's Master Chrome Highlighters at SM Beauty Playground Launch

L'Oréal also upped their game and released a revamped version of their Color Riche Matte lipstick! 33 shades!!! You're sure to find something to suit every single occasion with 33 shades. Heck, if you buy all of them, you needn't reuse a shade for a month!
L'Oréal Color Riche Lipsticks at SM Beauty Playground Launch

Well, y'all know me, so the cutest one for me was obviously the cheery coral pink shade, and that happens to be Raspberry Syrup.
L'Oréal Color Riche Raspberry Syrup at SM Beauty Playground Launch

I also redid a Pond's test! Weeeelll, same as before, sunspots were my biggest problem. My aunts all have extreme sunspots, and one had to even get laser treatments just to get rid of them. This is why I started being religious with sunscreen application starting this year. My sunspots, according to this test, are like sunspots of someone 10 years older than me. So if I don't religiously start to care now, it can only get worse. Thankfully Pond's has a sunscreen now!
Pond's Skin Analysis at SM Beauty Playground Launch

Bobbi Brown also gave us samples! Their stall is always so nice to visit whenever you need base makeup..
Bobbi Brown at SM Beauty Playground Launch

And selfie time!!! I saw Miho again! She's so nice, and she really speaks in a down to earth manner the same way she does on TV. It's no wonder why she has plenty of loyal fans.

I'm with Margaux of Maybelline!

And of course Shayne my love.

And Bianca from L'Oréal.

I haven't seen Maj in such a long time, so we really had to have a photo together.

And with Chelsea and Christian!

Here's to being able to have the best customer experiences!

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