Weeee!!! Whenever that pink box makes its way to anyone's doorstep, delight automatically ensues. It's yet another Althea haul! 

 I thought I’d update y’all on a whole new Althea haul I just did! ICYMI, I recently became an Althea Angel. They had a welcome haul for each Angel, and these are the items that I got. I got two items from Althea from awhile back, so I'm adding them here on this post. 

Without further ado let’s get started!

This first item I got is It’s My eyelash curler. This particularly piqued my interest because it’s comb type!!! Comb!!! And it's super affordable at Php140 only. If you look at it on the box, it looks like any other eyelash curler. 

But the moment you take it out of the box, you’d see why it’s so interesting. It’s got this comb panel on the curler, which I think will be especially helpful in making sure your lashes get curled in a pretty fanned out manner. Isn’t it like sometimes when we curl our lashes, some lash hairs bunch up in a particular area? Hopefully this will help to fix that. To add, for those who still want to curl their lashes after mascara has been applied, this may also be a big help in detangling lash hairs and making sure that mascara application is even. I am sooo hoping that this works the way I want it to!

Etude House's Soon Jung PH 5.5 Relief Toner (Php390) is something that Red Velvet totally influenced me to get! For the longest time, I’ve seen Etude House promote their Soon Jung product range. It’s been in stores for as long as I can remember, but I thought that it was like their range for medicinal needs. I thought it was like their sub range that would compete with brands like Cetaphil or Physiogel. So initially, I didn’t pay much attention to it. 

However, such is the effect of a good endorser, because when I saw Red Velvet’s promotional posters for Soon Jung toner, I was suddenly interested. That’s why I got this. But now that I got this, I got more excited thinking that this can be a new addition to my beauty waters collection. I’m currently using Etude House’s Wonder Pore toner, and it leans more on the astringent than skin balancer side. This seems to lean more on the skin balancer side, and I hope it is!   

BTW, this is 80mL, so it's a small size. There is a bigger version of this one. But for trial purposes, I find this to be a good size. 

Of course!!! The mermaid addict in me was automatically smitten by the mermaid themed items recently released by Aritaum. I got myself one of these uber cute Mermaid Collection Mono Eyeshadows (Php240). This shade that I got is Gold Glow. 

It’s sooo pretty and glittery!!! They do have a few other shades for their mermaid themed eyeshadow singles, but personally I felt that this was the cutest and the most practical. The other shades are too coral and orange for use to work or school. This is the shade that balances being cute and on-theme but wearable and practical to use. 

I literally squealed when I saw that they did eye glitter as well! Y'all c an now gra Aritaum's Mermaid Collection Twinkle Eye Glitter (Php470) from Althea as well; the shade I got is Hologram. I’ve been using Korean liquid glitter eyeshadows a lot as of late as they are so easy to use but they add just sooo muchhh ooomph to a look! I have gotten glitters from Peripera, 3 Concept Eyes and Etude House. Such far, most of the glitters I own are either fine or semi chunky. This is the one with the chunkiest glitters so far. To add, these glitters have a mix of chunky and fine glitters, which I found interesting. My other liquid glitter products usually only has chunky glitter or fine glitter, never both at the same time.

Look at the zoom in!!! It’s sooo mesmerizing. Look at all the holo going on!!! 

Something that caught my eye is this CP-1 Raspberry Treatment Vinegar (Php350), as people have been raving that the vinegar aspect to it helps to clarify and keep hair purified from product buildup, but at the same time, it provides deep nourishment for damaged hair. I personally have about 2 inches left of bleached hair, and about 6 more inches of extremely dyed hair, despite having a very oily scalp. I usually can only have nice hair or a non-oily scalp at a time, so I'm hoping I can finally have both with this treatment. 

In the spirit of Althea’s 3rd anniversary, I also got myself their Petal Velvet Powder in Pink Lavender (Php230)! This is their limited edition offering for their 3rd anniversary celebrations, so be sure to catch it before it's gone. 

 I have a pinkish undertone, so it perfectly made sense to me to get a pink toned powder. This also has purple powder pigments mixed into it, so this will also hopefully help with brightening dull skin.   

And these are the two items I bought from awhile back!

I got myself a bottle of Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Toner (Php1150). Everyone has been raving about this toner for the longest time, that when this was on sale at Althea, I just had to take it! At the time of purchase, it went down to Php880 from the original price, and provided that Althea has very prompt and reliable shipping, it was a total steal already. I know Dear Klairs products do sell for way cheaper elsewhere, but not all other places have good infrastructure. 

Last but definitely not the least, I also got the uber raved Missha Time Revolution The First Essence (Php1520). I heard that it really is a very good dupe for SK-II products, so why not? I also feel that in general, essence and serum get used up so quickly that if you can find a good essence that isn't too expensive, it's way more practical. 

Yaaaay, that wraps up this haul! So excited to have more hauls here!

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