Who knew I'd ever like reds? Like seriously? 

Anyone who has read this blog long enough knows how I usually shy away from reds. My comfort zone is to use pinks and nudes, especially coral pinks. People often tell me that with my generally pale skintone, reds would look so good on me. But I often felt that the colors were too loud on me, or just plain unflattering. I have worn many red lippies on this blog throughout the years, but basically, I did most of them to be able to complete swatching a product or collection. In reality, the reds barely get used once I'm done shooting them. I never thought I'd finally find reds that fit me perfectly. Since getting Blackrouge's Airfit Velvet Tint, I've been using them several times a week. For the first time ever in my life I have the confidence to sport reds everyday. This is why I am soo excited to be showing you all the photos. 

Shade Selection: There are 7 shades for Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint. I'm reviewing 6 of them right now. I really don't know what this collection did right, but even though this is a collection of 7 intensely red reds, there is a red for everyone in this collection. This is one of the hardest reviews I've done in terms of understanding the colors, as most collections, even red focused ones, churn out reds in differing undertones and intensities. This collection is all about intense red, but with different underlying pigments. There are bright red based, brick based, and blue based reds. But I swear if this changed me and made me want to wear red shades after all this time, I'm sure this is also the collection for you if you're looking for the ultimate red.

Color Payoff and Pigmentation: The pigmentation of Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint is craaaaazzyyyy. You need not try to get this to color your lips, at all. Even the tiniest dot is still enough to color the cheeks, and one half-hearted swipe is enough to color the lips. As for color payoff, it's best to apply this thinly, because that's when you'll see the individual undertones of each shade shine through. If you apply all of these too thickly, they do confuse the brain and look the same kind of red. But yes, in terms of pigments, I swear, these are crazy pigmented.

Texture: As the name "Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint" implies, this is a very lightweight and airy tint. This has a texture very similar to pore eraser, wherein it feels velvety soft, and you know that it's there, but it doesn't feel hot nor heavy in any way. While tints usually have this connotation of being runny and clear, this is mousse type, and is very opaque. But yes, the only way I can describe the texture is that it's like pore eraser. I like the texture a lot because it blurs out cracks on my lips, and the product applies evenly, unlike traditional tints which tend to stain chapped skin more than soft skin (and thus producing uneven results).

Comfort: Due to the lightweight texture, I find Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint more comfortable to use than other mousse tints. I also like that since this really does feel like pore eraser, there is no sticky feeling at all. It's like this glorious feeling of not having to deal with any friction. I also like that though it has a distinct fruity fragrance, it doesn't stay at the back of your throat unlike some other fruity scented lippies. While this isn't marketed as a lip balm, I like how this has a soothing feeling somehow. I also have peace of mind in general that since this doesn't emphasize cracks, my lips will look fine. So if you also count peace of mind as mental comfort, then yes, this passes with flying colors. 

Longevity: Since Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint is like a pore blur primer, it stays put best when you use a very very thin amount, and leave it as is without eating for about an hour. If I apply it really thinly, this will stay at full intensity for as long as I don't eat nor drink. But when I want it to be really intense, or when I want it to feel like lip balm, and I apply it thickly, it stays put like how a lipstick would. It will fade over a few hours, but it does leave a nice tint on the lips that can last throughout most of the day. If you want this to stay at full intensity all day long, you'd need to reapply every few hours or so. But if you're fine with this fading to a nice tint on the lips, you need not reapply. 

Value For Money: Each tint is Php500 at Charis, and is eligible for COD and free shipping. Each tube has 4.5g of product, which I think is at par with most other liquid lip products which usually are at 3-5g as well. Since it's so intense, one really will use up so little at a time that 4.5g can actually last an eternity at this rate. To add, it's priced similarly to most K-Beauty and masstige drugstore brand liquid lip products as well. And for the fact that I finally gained confidence to wear red lippies, I feel that there really is so much value to this. 

Overall Feedback: Blackrouge's Airfit Velvet Tint comes in really sophisticated intensely red shades that will flatter any wearer. If you've always wanted to sport reds, but felt that you lacked the confidence to do so, or felt that you haven't found your ultimate red, then this, I think, is finally the right collection. If you notice K-pop stars, their lipsticks are always intensely red, but you never feel that that's the case because the color suits them so naturally. You only realize how red it is once you focus just on the lips. This is the collection for that mission. If you're looking for an intense red that will really liven up your look, but look so natural and so seamless color-wise on you, then this is really it. This may not be the most invincible product in terms of longevity out there, but if you want something that has a lovely texture and lightweight, comfortable wear, this is really for you. 

Now that that's done, here are the photos! 

These are the photos of the boxes: 

Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint Boxes with View of Shade Numbers

Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint Boxes Front View

Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint Side By Side Front View
Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint Tube Bottom

And here are the reaaaally pretty shades!!! I love how they all suit me naturally! They go in seamlessly with my whole look.

A01 A Piece of Strawberry 딸기 한 조각 
This is literally strawberry syrup red turned into a tint. Very bright and there's a tiny neon touch to it. 

A02 Falling Roses 떨어지는 장미
This is the kind of red that will come out once you crush fresh roses and mix it with dried roses. The brown is not brick like, but instead is like this faded orange brown. 

A03 Soft Ripe Persimmon 말랑말랑 홍시
Exactly as the name implies, this is a red mixed with yellow orange. Literally how red would look like when mixed with persimmon colors. This is perfect for the people who are looking for reds with a touch of yellow, as this is quite rare in the market. I think this will really suit people with yellowish undertones. 

A04 Raspberry Syrup 라즈베리 시럽
A blue based pink red. Think of this as strawberry syrup mixed with a small amount of blue. This is my ultimate shade!!! It looks so perfect on me. It looks so intense, yet it doesn't overpower my look. It looks and feels natural. This is also a memorable lippie as this is what I wore when I went to visit Mt. Fuji in Japan.

A05 Juice Tok Tok Grapefruit 과즙톡톡 자몽 
Like the name, this is an intense red mixed with the orange shades of grapefruits. We usually think of coral pink when we think of grapefruit, but instead, for this one, think of the breeds of grapefruits that are really intensely orange. This is the most orange out of the whole bunch for me, and the orange-ness is a very bright and vivid kind of orange-ness. This is close to what red orange crayons look like in most cases.  

A07 Well Dried Fig 잘말린 무화과
This is a neutral red, with a tiny touch of brick. For me, I find this to be the most universally flattering as it's the most neutral red of all. If you're not sure about your undertones and which shade to go for, this is the safest choice if you ask me. It's not extremely cool like shades A01 and A04, and also is not extremely warm like A03 and A05. It's right smack in the middle. This is also the shade I use a lot aside from A04 as this is also really flattering on me. 

For those who wish to visualize it more clearly, here are the swatches side by side. As can be seen, they're all very similar looking at first glance, but are actually distinctly different reds!
Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint Side By Side Swatches (A01, A02, A03, A04, A05, A06)
And this is how it looks like when you wipe the product off. This is when the undertones of each shade truly come to light. You can see the syrup-ness of A01, the dried rose undertone of A02, the persimmon tint of A03, the pinkish undertone of A04, the orange undertone of A05, and the neutrality or A07.
Blackrouge Airfit Velvet Tint Side By Side Tints

This red tint changed the way I view red lippies in general. I hope you'll find your match here, too!

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