K-beauty is life. Althea is life. BUT Althea churning out their own makeup line is the lifest!

Yes! That just happened! 

Althea studied the key K-beauty staples of the Southeast Asian market, and in 2017 they churned out their Petal Velvet face powder. In 2018, they focused mainly on skincare with their Bare Essentials range, Real Fresh Skin Detoxers, Milk Peel Cream Mask, and Pore Purifying skincare cleansers.  This 2019, they upped the ante and released a whole collection of creamy concealers, a collaboration eyeshadow palette, eye glitter, and lip tint! I'm so excited for what else they have up their sleeve because this makeup collaboration is definitely a warmly welcomed one. 

I'll be showing how I'd play with the makeup in the collection. What I like is that relative to other K-beauty brands, Althea's makeup items are more affordable but with good quality. It'll be easy to follow along this tutorial because I just did a simple look, and also because everything is available at Althea

First off I'm using Althea's Flawless Creamy Concealer (Php200). This is for those who are obsessed with Korean concealers which are runny but are super dense, creamy, and photo ready.

I already have foundation on here, so it was just a matter of concealing dark under eye circles and dark marks on my cheeks and forehead. I also applied this onto the sides of my nose.

After everything is blended in, it's generally creamy and smooth. No crow's feet here. I'm generally satisfied with how it has covered up my dark under eye circles. But since I've been really tired lately, my under eye area is visibly puffy here... 

Next up, I am using their Sunrise and Moonrise Eyeshadow Palette with BCL (Php1780). This is the priciest item in the collection, although understandably so as this is a collaboration with Indonesian popstar BCL. To add, they packed in 8 smooth, pigmented shades, which will work to brighten up any look.

The first thing I'm doing is to grab a fluffy brush and to pick up the matte beige eyeshadow. This is what I'm using to be my transition shade and overall crease shade. Prior to this, I have already applied eyeshadow primer onto my eyelids and have used a light brown eyebrow powder as my base eyeshadow.

This is not a dark shade, and the blendability is forgiving, so I just go with a window wiper motion on my crease area until the color is deep enough for my liking.

Next, I'm still using a fluffy brush, but one with shorter bristles. This time I am grabbing the metallic bronze eyeshadow.

I'm also doing a window wiper motion. I'm using this to build definition and depth on the outer half of my eyelids. The key is to not apply this too high up on the eyelid as it's a metallic shade.

Now I'm grabbing the glittery sunny shade using a short paddle brush. The key is to use a patting motion. Using a dragging motion will just end up scooping unnecessary pigment which'll just end up as fallout.

And I'm using this shade for the inner half of my eyelids. The key is to pat firmly (bot not too firm too!) so that the glitter gets onto the eyelids and doesn't end up as fallout. The other trick is to just grab a little pigment each time and to gradually build up the pigments on the eyelids. Grabbing a loot of glitter eyeshadow in one fell swoop is not advisable, if you ask me.

I'm also taking the metallic bronze shade I used awhile ago for the outer half of my lower lashline.

Now, using a small smudge brush, I'm using the pearly white eyeshadow from this palette.

I'm using this for the inner half of my lower lashline and on the inner corner of my eye. This is also another instance where grabbing a little pigment each time is the better method. If you grab too much pigment and apply it onto your lower lashline, there's a tendency for excess eyeshadow to just end up irritating the eye and making you tear up. Of course that's not good. So for this step, take it slow, too. 

And this is how it looks like with all the eyeshadows in place. For this look, I didn't use the reddish shades because while I think they're pretty, they are shades which I think need support from other eyeshadow palettes. I wanted to show a simple look that can be easily done using just this one palette.

But to make it fun, I'm going to use Althea's Spotlight Eye Glitters (Php300)! I reaaally like the pricing because most other Korean eye glitters that behave this well are usually priced Php450 and above. They have 2 releases, so I'll use the Gold Light shade first.

I'm going to use it on the inner half of my eyelid. Basically I'm using this as a topping for the areas where I applied the glittery gold eyeshadow. But I'm taking it slow as eye glitter should be applied thinly. If applied thickly, it can end up ruining the eyeshadow and caking it up instead. The trick is to apply a little, to smudge it a little, and then to apply as needed while it's still not yet 100% dry.

It's so difficult to capture in studio photography, but this glitter is adding the whole sh-bam to my look!!!

To make it fun, I'm also using the glitter in shade Pink Light. 

I'm applying it onto the inner half of my lower lashline. 

After eyeliner, mascara, falsies, blush and highlighter, this is how it looks like. Without the glitter and falsies, this'll work as an everyday look in most cases. With the glitter, it instantly becomes a glam look. I am so obsessed with eye glitters in general because it's usually the eye glitter that makes miracles in the whole look, second to contact lenses.

I'm also sporting their tint! I'm using #2 Strawberry Cream from their Watercolor Cream Tint (Php260) range. I also like the price point as the product amount is generous at 4.5mL. Here I have it applied really thinly to show the watercolor effect.

But I also like it when I have the color piled on really densely like here! This is #4 Marron Cream. This is also my fave of the moment! I'm torn between Peach Cream and Marron Cream, but I think for now my vote is going for this shade. 

The lighting is harsh in studio settings, so I took this photo to illustrate how this whole look would more or less look like in real life.

And that's it! I hope y'all start lovin' Althea's new releases as much as I do. 

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