Summer is that season wherein we feel like everything needs to be IG-worthy, so it indeed makes sense for Caronia to launch their Tropical Glam Collection at this time. Caronia is already celebrating 50 years, and has dozens of shades, of which a lot of shades have reached HG status for many Pinays. It's the desire to always come up with nail products that go with the times that pushes them to innovate with the kinds of nail products they offer and the kinds of polish shades they offer.

Their new collection is all about glitter and metallic shades, which will not only add a good contrast to color blocking swimsuits most will be wearing, but will also look good in KiraKira and all sorts of sparkle filters.

They decorated Mulberry Door to be like a pretend beach hut with all the tropical themed decor. 

Those who came with unpolished nails were treated to nail art sessions! This is Phya in the middle of her nail art session––that's why there are still nails that aren't painted. I personally have gel extensions on, and regular nail polish will bubble on top of gel extensions, so I didn't get this kind of nail art done.

And here are the new shades! The flamingo charms look sooo cute. I'm sooo happy they sent us home with our own flamingo charms, because even if they didn't, we'd be begging for them anyways.

Caronia Brand Officer Rachel Enciso talked about her excitement on the many great things to come with their 50th year. Caronia indeed has been a beauty staple of a lot of Pinays, and life is colorful thanks to brands like Caronia. They found research that concluded that having properly groomed nails boosts one's confidence, so it's important that Caronia products are accessible, affordable, and of high quality. For their 50th anniversary, they came up with an ah-mayyyyy-zinggg nail art magazine that will be available soon; I'm so excited for everyone to get busy doing their nail art!!! 

Before all the creative nail art tutorials and funky shadees, they started out with just a few key shades 50 years Amazingly, a lot of those key shades from the first ever release are still among the bestselling shades these days. Whoever came up with the color palette for the first release had a lot of foresight! 

With this new collection, Rachel shared that that it was all about shimmers and metals that were muted, such that these shades will look good regardless of what summer activity Caronia fans will do this summer. 

Rachel is then joined by other Vibelle Corporation managers. Vibelle Marketing Head Olive Soria (4th from right) was also present at the event.

Now let's get down to the shades! They released the shades in two sets: Shimmer Set and Metallic Set.

Caronia's Tropical Glam Shimmer Set is composed of three shades: Limelight, Primrose, and Fantasia.
  • Limelight is a glittery ocean green, and of course, is very KiraKira worthy
  • Primrose is a matte baby pink (this was a crowd favorite during the event!)
  • Fantasia is a glittery deep champagne shade––really chic and flattering!

Caronia's Tropical Glam Metallic Set is also composed of three shades: Fairy Dust, Lumina, and Ethereal.
  • Lumina is a shimmery light gold shade. Perfect for those who are obsessed with earth toned swimsuits! 
  • Fairy Dust is a metallic silver with this sort of holo effect to imitate the sparkle of the ocean
  • Ethereal is a shimmering deep rose gold, and was also a hit among event goers 

Here are Lunina, Limelight, Primrose, and Ethereal. 

And here I am with the two sets! These are the kinds of shades my mom and sister like, so I was excited to bring this home for them. As for my gel extensions, I can't wait to try out the nail art ideas in the magazine!! But I'll do it in gel extension version though...

And of course a photo with Trish whom I haven't seen in the looongest time!!!

These new shades from Caronia will surely be available in almost every beauty retailer and drugstore. Heck, your local manicurist might already be using these new shades now! 

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