Cream Silk Vibrance Studio with Pia Wurtzbach


That's actually all I could say and think of after this photo was taken. My friends and I are so into pageants that it was definitely a dream come true to meet Pia Wurtzbach. In the past, I have met many Bb. Pilipinas queens, and I actually have met Catriona Gray in 2015 at a fashion show. But meeting Queen P was always something I have fervently wished for. And finally, it happened! 

Thanks to the launch of Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive. Last May 8, they staged the Cream Silk Vibrance Studio at BGC Arts Center, to formally launch the product and give visitors a lovely photo experience.

Before the vibrance studio was revealed, we were treated to cocktails at the ante-room. May I just say the dinner was scrumptious! 

The vibrance studio featured different rooms and setups, with various activities and designs for photo ops. They had a gold room with a bar serving prosecco, a pink room with a salon, a red room with a closet set up and a brown room with a manicure station. It's been a long time since I've seen a lot of my friends, so it was also a nice setting for us to sit down and catch up on what's going on with our lives.

They had stylists from Lourd Ramos salon to do our hair during the event, and there were plenty of nice spaces for us to get our photos taken.

Guests are browsing the red room, and also taking good flatlays of the products. 

There were no hair wash stations for us to try Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue, but we already had the chance to experience these at home. The scent is decadent, and even if you don't need a sulfate free conditioner, you're highly likely to use this for the fragrance.
Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive

This is me after getting my hair done. I just got some simple curls done. The program was already starting while I was getting my hair done, so we had to do something simple and quick. Thankfully, there were Tresemmé Compressed Micro Mist hairsprays so my hair was able to retain curls well enough even if there wasn't a lot of time to set it.

Not too shabby! It doesn't look like it was done in 10 minutes! 

Laura Lehmann was the host for the day. She's also an ambassadress for Cream Silk's color revive conditioner, so it makes perfect sense for her to be hosting the event. Here she is interviewing Carlos Corrales, Cream Silk senior brand manager. Corrales explained that Triple Keratin Rescue, as the name implies, has three times the keratin in one ultimate conditioning solution. This time, this new Ultimate Color Revive variant is for consumers with colored hair, as it's sulfate-free. Consumers these days are coloring their hair with a lot of bleaching jobs done, and with bleach, hair becomes both porous (as in hair color lasts shorter as pigments just "fall off" faster) and damaged. With the new Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive, consumers can combine deep conditioning to tackle hair damage, and color keeping to lengthen the time that the hair color is vibrant and not brassy. He shared: "We are determined to empower Modern Filipinas by making sure that in any hair color and on every stage, they can stay at their ultimate vibrance."

And finally! Pia Wurtzbach!!! 

Pia explains that recently, she has been into a lot of differing looks. She did blonde hair for the recent Star Magic ball, and she has been experimenting with different colors when work permits. Unfortunately, her job requires her to have certain hair colors for certain types of appearances, especially for formal TVC shoots or when she's shooting a film/drama. One key event for me would be her Madame Tussaud's wax portrait reveal, as she really had to copy every detail of her statue for the event to be a success, including the hair color. 

As someone who colors her hair a lot, she finds Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive to be very useful. Whether she needs to keep her hair brown for her endorsements or formal engagements, or if she wants to play it up for big events and magazine editorials, she knows her hair color can always be vibrant. 

Pia added that during her reign as Miss Universe, she would bring tons of Cream Silk to New York, and ended up sharing them with her roommates, because Cream Silk really is just that good. More importantly, when it comes to Filipina hair, it really is Cream Silk that has that perfect formulation to make Filipina hair soft and shiny, but not heavy. Despite all her access to all sorts of high end brands in her capacity as Miss Universe at the time, it still was Cream Silk that gave her great hair worthy of having a crown on. She shared that Cream Silk is one of those brands that is so easy to promote because she really uses it heavily herself.

Pia was all smiles throughout the event, and she really stands out no matter what she does. 

Pia Wurtzbach and Laura Lehmann pose for a photo. 

Pia Wurtzbach poses with Laura Lehmann and Unilever executives. 

And I just couldn't help but just take and take photos because I was so happy to see Pia!!! I have long wanted to see her, and was just enjoying the moment that she was already there before me. 

And here are some more of our photos!!! I was so excited to be beside her my heart was beating so fast. I was at ultimate fangirl mode ahahaha

Pia also had her time with the official photobooth. Gosh, every shot was perfection! 

And me channeling my inner Pia Wurtzbach char

I missed so many people so I just had to have plenty of photos!!!

With Joyce and Kim

With Andy and Jirbie 

With Jaycelle, Maj and Andie 

With Mickey See who did Pia's makeup 

And Sirene Sutton 

With Karen whom I've known since high school days but only saw again now

And with Jacque. 

The new Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive is available virtually everywhere where Cream Silk is sold (dept. stores, drugstores, supermarkets) nationwide. You can also get this at Lazada and Shopee. Sachets are at Php5 for 10mL, while tubes are at Php149 for 170mL ad Php259 for 340mL. 

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