Makeup means many things to people. I would say makeup is for self-enhancement, relaxation, self-expression––and it is a creative outlet for a lot of people. But unfortunately, there are people trapped in the vicious cycle of using makeup to cover blemishes, only for the makeup to exacerbate the blemishes. 

Mineral Fusion is all about making makeup that keeps the skin healthy, thereby getting people out of the vicious cycle of using makeup to cover blemishes the makeup itself caused. I attended their launch awhile back and learned a lot about the brand philosophy of using minerals and botanicals to make products that perform on a professional level but cause as little damage to the skin as possible. They're proud that their products are hypoallergenic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and artificial additive-free. Here's a closer look at some of their products!

Mineral Fusion Illuminating Powder (Php1325.00) is definitely a must have for anyone wanting to start on the brand. It's versatile as while it's supposedly a highlighter, it's a myriad of lovely shades that you can use individually. You can use the shades as eyeshadows or blushes, or swirl a brush on all four to achieve an ethereal glow.

The shade selection for this one product is quite diverse, and the colors are in individual pans instead of being one baked highlighter, so there are a lot of other purposes you could use this for. You could use the pearly white shade to highlight the inner corners of your eyes, and the other pink and gold ones as inner lid colors. You can actually use the brown shade for your entire lids already! Since the delineation between each color is clear, you technically have four shades of highlighter to choose from, or you can mix and match depending on your look or mood. 

Mineral Fusion Eyeshadow Trio (Php1195.00) is perfect for those who never really finish an eyeshadow palette, as they have the most commonly used shades in convenient trios. It's really a waste at times to buy a whole eyeshadow palette only for 2-3 shades to be overused and the rest to not even be used. so I like how they already summarized the most usable shades into these trios. I feel that with the color selection they have for the entire range, most people will finish all 3 shades at reasonably even paces. 

 The entire thing is less than 2 inches in diameter and about 1 cm thick, so this is compact enough to fit into most people's beauty pouches. It might sound small, but in actuality it might take a person at least half a year to a year to use up the entire thing! 

This shade I selected is 'Stunning' and it has a yellow champagne shade (right), copper shade (left), and light ochre shade (bottom). All three shades are metallic in texture. They also have trios with satin and matte shades, but personally, I feel that for mineral, the payoff is better for the metallic shades. This is why I chose this trio. 

I also got Mineral Fusion Lipsticks (Php825 each)! The texture is really buttery and soft, and easy on the lips. I have yet to really roadtest these for lasting power, but as far as comfort is concerned, the texture is light, not sticky, not greasy, and not hot. This is perfect for those who are looking for the comfort of a balm in a lipstick. 

I got Molten, which is this lovely spice shade. 

I also got Inspire, which is a muted coral pink shade. 

Hooray for everyday wearables in formulations that won't harm your skin! 

Mineral Fusion is available at select Healthy Options outlets, starting with flagship Manila stores, and will slowly be distributed at other regions later this year. You may inquire with your local store or express your interest so they can consider stocking up (in the case they don't). 

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