What's better than Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue? More spinoff products! 

Not too long ago, they launched their Triple Keratin Rescue Treatment Crème, and recently they launched their Ultra Treatment Wrap. The modern citizen most probably has hair that has been fried and damaged by too much styling, coloring, and perming/rebonding, so it's really important to have a strong regimen of conditioning products. This whole collection, if you ask me, is a modern solution to a modern problem, as I remember how much of a bad thing it was back then to be this experimental with hair color. Heck, I still see people get called rebel kids for coloring their hair into a loud color! 

My own hair has gone through a lot. I bleached my hair in 2016, and did not have Smartbond/Olaplex/Fibreplex used, so my hair got really damaged. Racing against regrowth and recoloring like crazy also exacerbated the problem. I dyed my hair black last February 2018 and didn't recolor since then to let it recover and rest. While I've mostly recovered from my bleach damage, my hair was recently fried by a stylist who left the iron on each curl for a crazy amount of time huhu. This is why even for daily usage, I need something more than just the usual conditioner. 

I'm excited for more products for two of the variants of Triple Keratin Rescue! I say this coz as I type this, I don't think there's an existing Ultra Treatment Wrap and Treatment Crème for Ultimate Color Revive, but I have a strong feeling they'll launch those soon as soon as they can develop sulfate-free formulations that can meet the quality and pricing desired....

For Ultimate Repair and Shine, here you go! 

Ultimate Repair and Shine is designed to nourish hair strands and repair damage from inside out, for hair that's ultimately shiny and healthy. 

If you're into vanilla and woodsy based scents, you'll like the scent of this range. 

For Ultimate Straight, we also have a complete set. 

This, as the name implies, helps to tame frizz and polish hair strands from roots to tips, for hair that's ultimately smooth and straight. This has a bright fruity fragrance if you ask me, and reminds me a lot of berries and milk. 

Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultra Treatment Wraps (Php200 per wrap) are basically mask sheets, but for your hair. I have tried something similar from a Korean brand years ago, and I was impressed at how soft your hair can become if you truly religiously leave it on for 20 minutes! It's really the same logic as mask sheets. Mask sheets usually contain the usual serums and essences you might own, but since it's on a sheet in a generous quantity, and you leave it on for quite some time, your skin has ample time to soak up on all the good stuff. 

What makes this worth having is that the mask is like a hair towel shape, so you can neatly wrap it around your head. The wrap can also hold up the treatment without much dripping, so this is something you can actually put on and do house errands in. This is to be put on for 20 minutes, and then hair is to be rinsed off after, so there's quite a lot of things you can do in that 20 minutes while waiting.

I have been using Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Treatment Crème (Php190 per 200mL tub) and I'm liking the consistency!!! It has intense conditioning power but feels lighter than Cream Silk treatments from the past. This feels lightweight enough for most people to actually develop the habit of using treatments on a weekly basis. We usually think of treatments as like really thick conditioner that can be inverted like a Dairy Queen Blizzard, and we kinda think of how it'd weigh our hair down or make it oily because of how thick it is. 

I have tried inverting this out of curiosity and it did hold up, but the texture still is noticeably less dense than most of its Cream Silk predecessors. It's also less dense than most competitors. This is designed to be used at least once a week, but I have found myself using this almost every day on my dry ends. I use regular conditioner from the roots up until my jawline's length, and then use this treatment for the hair after the jawline. I like how my hair is deeply conditioned but doesn't feel the usual heavy compared to if I used another treatment. 

And weee it was so sweet of them to send candles, too!!! 

And a facial roller, too!!! 

These new babies from Cream Silk are of course available at leading supermarkets, drug stores, and department stores near you. Find this on their e-commerce channels as well! 

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