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  1. Giiieeel N. says

    Your brows looks beautiful! It is precisely & beautifully done and yes, super sulit nga yung binayad mo Ms. Mari. For a span of almost half a year, ang gandagganda pa din ng itsura. I think if you have enough budget naman to invest for something like this, it is really sulit. Especially when your the type of person na always on the go. You don't have to rush and bother your brows everyday. Or if hirap ka to do your brows, dito ka na lang lang para no need to do your kilay always. Hehe! Kilay goals indeed! ?

    • Hazel G says

      Mari!! I’m finally commenting here because I’ve had my brows done (finally). You inspired me to have them done at Strokes! It’s just my day 1 and I’ll frequently go back sa post mo for reference and inspiration ? Super love this detailed post. Dahil dito, alam ko na ang bawat step so I didn’t feel nervous. Thanks ?

  2. Salome Macaspac says

    I like to know if I can setup an appointment this week for eyebrow touch-up. I was not able to come back on time due to pandemic. Please advise as I leave Manila Dec 2, 2022

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