Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25PA++ (Tan) Review

Welcome to this new thing I wanna try!!! I realized lately that I have been so focused on finishing lip product reviews that I haven't reviewed other types of products as of late. I already have quite a number of foundations I haven't reviewed yet, so I'm gonna try to review foundations on Fridays. I'm eyeing to maybe do this every other Friday until I get through all the unreviewed ones. The first foundation I am reviewing for this series is Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow. 

This foundation promises "healthy, glowing skin" and that its "thin texture provides natural cover for blemishes and long-lasting beautiful radiance that makes skin look good." This review is for the shade Tan

Product Information: 

Product Name
Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25PA++
Pricing and Availability
SRP KRW38,000/ Php2200 for 30mL, Php900 for 10mL available at Espoir outlets. $38 for 30mL and $17 for 10mL at YesStyle. 
Shade Selection
10 shades of various undertones, catering to Korean shade 13 up to Korean shade 28. 
Scent (If Any)
Has a powder floral fragrance.
UnpigmentedPigmentedHighly Pigmented
UncomfortableComfortableVery Comfortable
Lasting Power
Short (≤6 hours)Medium (6-10 hours)Long (≥10 hours)

Texture Scale:
PowderyXXXXXNot Powdery
MovesXXXXXDries and Sets

Overall Feedback: 
Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow is my current obsession. Hence I chose it to be the first-ever #FoundationFriday feature for the blog! I used to be obsessed with matte foundations thinking that I had oily skin and because it's really hot and humid in the Philippines. As the years went by, my tastes shifted to more dewy looks, I guess as a result of K-Beauty becoming so influential in the past couple of years. I also learned that my skin type is dehydrated oily, meaning it's oily, but lacks water/moisture, and therefore a matte foundation is not always the solution to achieving long-lasting makeup, and conversely, a dewy foundation can actually be a good idea even in this weather.

This is where this foundation comes in. It gives a dreamy dewy finish like that of K-drama actresses, but it does so with a formulation that's hydrating but not oily for the skin. After all, this is one of the most popular foundations for Korean winters, where skin can get very dry yet oily at the same time, which is why I find this to be a perfect fit for me. 

The texture is liquid, it's not mousse-like. It's generally very wispy and thin, and also feel the same way on the skin. I'd generally say that this comes with buildable coverage, and can go very thinly up to medium coverage. If you're looking for something totally opaque and full coverage, this is probably not what you're looking for. This is designed more to give a glowy finish with a balance of color correction and blemish concealment for everyday looks, with a natural and life-like finish. 

It's so dewy that I don't feel powder pigments in it, but I do believe that there must be some powder pigments that are allowing it to sort of dry and set. Like other Korean foundations, this can work without setting powder in really cold temperatures, but I always set this with powder. I have only used this in the Philippines so far, so I always set this with powder as is customary, but sometimes I can get away with not setting it with powder if it's just for a quick look and I'm in an air-conditioned room. 

In terms of lasting power, I feel that the magic number is 8 hours, which I think is already amazing for a dewy foundation. Most parties and events are only about 3-6 hours long, and most workdays are also just about 8 hours long, so this will already suffice. It's not as long-lasting as my other foundations which sometimes go on strong for more than 12 hours. But for a dewy foundation, I never thought I could be able to enjoy a dewy finish without the makeup melting off too soon. This foundation has afforded me to enjoy the finish of my dreams without all the problems that my oily skin and the humid weather bring. 

For the shades, like other Korean releases, it can be quite alienating as the shades are really light. I'm usually using the lightest or the second lightest options from brands here in the Philippines, but the third darkest shade (Tan) worked on me just fine. The darkest shade is probably only going to cater to middle tone morenas, and will not be able to cater really deep skintones. I'm really sad about this part because I really like the texture and finish of this foundation and think that a lot of Filipinas will like it as well. 

At Php2200 for 30mL and Php900 for 10mL, it can sound really steep, but I promise, it's worth it. They nailed the right balance of doing a foundation that's dewy but not oily, lightweight but long-lasting, with good coverage but with a buildable opacity. This looks good in photos, in video, and in real life, which is quite rare for foundations. If you can find this in your shade and don't mind the steep price tag, I highly recommend y'all to go for this one. 
A Korean shade-25 deep foundation with yellow undertones. 

Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25PA++ (Tan) Front

Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25PA++ (Tan) Back

Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25PA++ (Tan) Zoom

Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25PA++ (Tan) Swatch

This is how it looks on me without other makeup on and without setting powder yet. My skin tone is pinkish by default, but this particular shade is not too yellow that it appears weird on my skin. 

Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25PA++ (Tan) Wear

And here are some of my looks sporting this foundation! I also have GRWM videos to go with these. 

Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25PA++ (Tan) Look

Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25PA++ (Tan) Look

I also used this for this fun shoot:
Espoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow SPF25PA++ (Tan) Look

And I also used this foundation for this livestream I did on Facebook: 

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