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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Taiwan Blush and Eyeliner Haul + Miscellaneous Buys

I finally own a Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek! Woo hoo! And I finally now own a CanMake holy grail product! Their cream blush has already won the blogging world over, and a lot of people just love it. So anyways, these are my cheek and eye pencil makeup purchases, as well some of the miscellanous buys I made in Taiwan. 
First, as what I've already mentioned, is CanMake's cream cheek. This is in shade 13. I have already tried this before and the finish is just a really mild and cutesy blush. This is a perfect item for the no makeup look!

I also got Majolica Majorca's Puff de Cheek in OR302 and RD414, and will try them very soon. 

These are my eyeliner purchases...

I bought two spring loaded eyeliner pens (if that is what you call this type hahaha), one is Heroine Make brand and the other is Integrate. I have not heard any feedback on the two so I hope that they're good products! 

I also got myself a white Majolica Majorca eye pencil as well as Dolly Wink eyebrow powder. Most of the eyebrow powders out there are too dark for me that I purposely got something this light... 

Last purchase is Integrate's makeup setting spray. I have yet to see how this will fare against Ben Nye's Final Seal and Urban Decay's De Slick setting spray. But by far I have been hearing good feedback on this product...

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