Brow Lounge just recently opened at SM North Annex building (they told me that they had just been opened for 6 days) and I was one of the first to try it out in our area.  

As for the people in the photo, I'm not related to them hahaha...

To say that I went to to go an eyebrow salon because of my unshaped eyebrows is an understatement. I really, really do have messy eyebrows. I mean my eyebrows are thin and aren't so bushy, but the hair growth is really spread out and I have a lot of stray hairs on the upper parts of my eyelids and above my eyebrows. Moreover, they're not properly shaped either (yeah one is an angled eyebrow and the other is a rounded one, hooray for diversity ho ho ho). So to Brow Lounge I go. 

Brow Lounge is easy to find once you get to the Annex building of SM North as it is a store away from the giant ACE Hardware store. Just get to the lower ground floor and look for the hardware store and you're just bound to land there. It's just soooo hard to miss. 

So this is their menu, not only do they cater to eyebrows but also to hair removal on other parts of the body. I have yet to try the other services they have, as I only went for their Brow Shaping. 

I got my brow shaping service for only 272 pesos instead of 340 because of their store opening promotion! Just say 'Wow Brows' to get a 20% discount (valid until May 10, 2013 I think). 

And this is their stockpile of cotton balls and cotton buds, as well as make up remover. They stock up on make up remover because after the threading, you can't wet or wipe the eyebrow area with toner/astringent for at least 4 hours. 

I suggest visiting this store on days when you don't need to be made up or right after you've taken a bath and washed your face. If you're having your eyebrows groomed in anticipation of a big occasion, do it in advance, like 3 days before the said event. Don't worry, only my eyebrow hairs grow back crazily even just hours after hair removal... 

And this is their cute little Tiffany & Co. blue-green colored wall with their photo frame decor.  

And this is more or less the interior of the whole store in a nutshell. Seated in the cash register area is their senior staff, Miss Daisy, who did my eyebrows. I love how hygienic they are that Miss Daisy wore a face mask while doing my eyebrows and used an obviously fresh strand of thread to do my eyebrows. Not sure about how often she cleans her tweezers and scissors, but I guess she does it often enough (???). 

And now, off to the before and after photos! 



And overall this is how my face looks before and after. Since I couldn't put make up on after the treatment, this is an honest before to after photo. Please pardon my eternally red nose, coz I'm Rudolph's homie like that. 

The Final Verdict 

EDIT: 2/5 
At first, I was really happy with the service and thought my eyebrows have improved a lot in general, with my only issue being some of the stray hairs that were not addressed. But later on, I realized that the they took too much off the area above the eyebrows that I lost my normal arch. It may not be visible in the photos, but she really did take too much off that I lost the arch. It's been almost 8 months as I write this post and the hairs still not have grown back. They may offer quick service, but they have distorted my eyebrows and until now I have to deal with chunks of hair missing on my eyebrows, especially the left side. My brows are uneven as I wait for the natural arch hairs to grow back, and applying eyebrow powder is a pain because I have to spend so much time just to even the eyebrows out. 

Customer Service
Staff were really nice and accommodating. Miss Daisy is easy to deal with, talks sense, is sweet.

I did post on their page but no reply till now (eight months after). Not that I am an attention whore nor am I fishing for freebies, but more of I usually rate the customer service of a place by writing to their social media pages and evaluating the response because most likely this is where most people will be voicing out their feedback and inquiries. If they cannot answer to my queries or respond to my blog posts, then it reflects to me that they must also leave other customers' questions unanswered. 

Value for Money
I got a great treatment for less than half of what Browhouse charges! But then I heard that Lay Bare charges less... And that at this rate if I really want my eyebrows restored I'd have to spend 20k at Browhouse, waaaay more than what I had paid Browlounge. 

And I just have to mention this here...  

For someone who plucks but hasn't done threading yet (like me), 6/10
For someone who has never had any eyebrow treatment aside from shaving, 100/10 (no I didn't mistype that second zero) 

Brow Lounge Eyebrow Grooming and Waxing Salon 
Lower Ground Floor, SM North Edsa Annex Building 
Facebook: Brow Lounge Manila
Twitter: Brow Lounge PH

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