E! Bloggers Ball

Posting this just because I wanna remember the good times at last year's E! Bloggers Ball! There have only been 2 balls so far, but the fun part is that everyone is able to get together, even just once a year. Usually, media events are small to medium scale, so the guest list usually just is at 50 on average, with a guest list of 100 already considered large. This is why we won't see everyone we know in one event. There are friends we see in some events, but not in others. The difference with E! Bloggers Ball is that they are magically able to gather everyone in one place.

The view from my spot!
E! Bloggers Ball

The program did start late, I must admit. That day, I went to Japanese class, attended my nephew's baptism/1st birthday, claimed something from Shang Mall, and went home to prepare for this event. With all those activities, and the fact that City Of Dreams is so far from our house, I magically was still on time!!!
E! Bloggers Ball 2017 Program

The food, as always, was on point. 

Ahhh... I remember the time when I still didn't have cholesterol problems and didn't have to think much while chowing down a decadent chocolate mousse cake like this... Those were the days...

They had a 360º selfie booth, but they closed this the whole time the program was ongoing in order to prevent chaos. When the program was done, boy were we all excited to have our selfies taken!

And weee selfie time!!! I apologize that my hair and makeup look so messy in general as I was in an extreme rush to get ready...

A selfie with fabulous Bing... 

And a photo with Katsy and Shayne, my tablemates slash baes <3 

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