Sinong walang handa for Noche Buena? Ussss!!! Meeeee!!! 

What was my breakfast? 7/11 Big Bite! Honestly, this year has been sooo hectic and tiring that for me, the ultimate thing that makes it feel like the holidays to me is being able to sleep till late and not needing to deal with an hour of traffic going somewhere. The convenience of having lots of treats at home like ensaymada, cakes, brownies, and of course, filling hotdogs, is the best. We don't want to leave the house if we can afford to do so, and we don't feel that we're missing out by not having a big celebration of sorts. Being able to chill, attend mass, and being saved from the hell of Manila life is the true meaning of the holidays. 

I honestly still do not know until now as to who sent these! I asked some of my friends in PR if they were the ones behind this surprise package, but none of them were. So to the agency who sent this in, thank you!!! I wish I knew the right people to contact and thank though mehehe...

My family benefited a lot from these hotdogs.!My whole family had a treat, and I think some of my family members even ate more than one coz they were so good. They had to stop at some point though, coz if they continued their streak, we'd have no hotdogs left to photograph hahahaha.

These're simple, no frills snacks, but they are delicious and filling––most importantly, they're easy to get. Literally every corner has a 7/11, so it's really easy to get a Big Bite anytime.

However way you're spending your holidays, Merry Christmas!!! 

And of course if you want a Big Bite full of Big Love, head on to your nearest 7/11 outlet! 

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