Maaaybe it's a bit too early for me to be so fixated over wrinkles and sagging, but in time, it will be a problem. The main sign of aging I'm feeling now is dull skin. It's a good and bad thing to have pale skin––all sorts of makeup look good on me, but the hard part is that when I don't have makeup on, I look like a zombie. The bulk of my thought process in choosing skincare goes to evaluating whether the product will give me glowing skin, or give me bouncy and hydrated skin.

It was good to have learned about Avène's new PhysioLift series, as well as the new technologies employed in this range, to prevent aging. Avène philosophy is that you should start skincare as young as possible, in order to "stop time" and keep your skin at its state when you're young.

Gregory Daures, Pierre Fabre's International Development Marketing Manager for Anti-Aging, flew to the Philippines to talk to the press and media about this newest range. He was on this sort of Asia tour, and I really appreciate the effort as it was like 1 whole day worth of flying to get to Manila!

He discussed that signs of aging are usually three: dehydration/dullness, sagging, and wrinkles.

As such, Avène PhysioLift has a formulation with three key ingredients: Ascofilline™ 10kDa, Hyaluronic Acid Mono Oligomers, and Pre-Tocopheryl. 

Ascofilline™10kDa  replenishes collagen in the dermis (up to 80%) to make it youthful. Hyaluronic Acid Mono Oligomers 120kDa work to hydrate the skin, but unlike hyaluronic acid in competitor products, Avène products have reaaally small hyaluronic acid oligomers to have a deeper penetration into skin and easier absorption. Pre-Tocopheryl, meanwhile, protects the skin from oxidative stress. 

With Avène PhysioLift, skin can become firm and luminous. But it must also be noted that application method is another key thing. One should apply skincare with an upward massaging motion, and with a combination of circular strokes and pinching strokes. For eyes, as Gregory is showing here, there should be a combination of patting motion and circular massaging motion. The textures of Avène PhysioLift products are emollient, so it will be conducive to do these massaging methods with the products.

For this range, they have four products, one for daytime use and three for nighttime use. There's the day emulsion, and then there's night lotion, eye cream, and precision wrinkle filler.

They also had the info on a big tarp as seen here:

The talk was held at a restaurant so they had the products on the table beside the plates ahihi...

Now let's get to discussing the products!  

There's Avène PhysioLift Day Emulsion (Php2600) which comes in a lightweight and airy texture. This is made to be easy to use for the day, when it can get very hot and humid. It gets absorbed quickly, and is thin enough to be comfortable under makeup. Aside from Ascofilline™ and Hyaluronic Acid, this has Retinaldehyde to detoxify and regenerate skin. 

For nighttime, they have their Avène PhysioLift Night Lotion (Php2600). This comes in an emollient balm-like texture. It's meant to be massaged on, so the texture is thicker so it doesn't dry out while massaging. The thicker texture, to me, also means that this is geared towards intensive hydration and repair after a tiring day. When used regularly with right massage methods, this can help to tighten loose double chins, which I know is an issue a lot of people face. 

For those who have really sensitive eye areas but want something potent to address saggy eyebags, then there's Avène PhysioLift Eye Cream (Php2500). The best part? It's fragrance free! I know of so many people who are unable to use eye creams because the fragrance is causing them to tear up, so I'm glad to announce that there's a potent eye cream that's unscented. This also comes with promising studies, as this was seen to reduce up to 52.8% of dark circles and 14.7% of puffiness. This also has a conducively dense texture for ease in massage, and so that it doesn't dry out quickly through the night. 

And for those who have issues over their smile lines, then Avène PhysioLift Precision Wrinkle Filler (Php2750) is the answer! This precision pen will work wonders for any specific trouble area you wish to treat. You can use this on the eye area as well (assuming you will not buy the eye cream), although it will really be best to use this on smile lines as there aren't a lot of other products in the market that can effectively target smile lines. The texture is also the kind that can stay put throughout the night so that the product can do its job to fill the wrinkles.

On display were their suncare products... They have a new suncare fluid (2nd from right) BTW! My mom totally loves Avène's sunscreen, so I'm excited to try out the new release. 

As well as the HG and OG Thermal Spring Water. I think everyone who has had some sort of skin irritation knows how much of a lifesaver this is. 

And selfie time! 

With Gregory and Amy (Amy is handling Avène Singapore). 

With Michael and Alvin. 

And with Phylicia and Earth. 

These products can be acquired from select dermatologists. Ask your dermatologist today! More information can be found on their website, and they are on Instagram, too!

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